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Govern America | December 28, 2019 | Corney Conundrum

James Comey's head on an ear of corn. 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Final broadcast for the year 2019! What is the deal with the spelling of Comey's name in the Horowitz IG report? Democrats' new technique to take out political rivals by using the "justice" system. Washington state Rep. Matt Shea and others are being targeted as "domestic terrorists" for standing up for freedom and the Constitution, and standing against federal thugs at the Bundy Ranch. In the final hour, we are joined by former city councilwoman and talk show host, Melodee Hallet. Melodee hosted Truth Quest for several years (Archives at She talks about how she got involved in freedom issues, how she came to run for city council, the opposition that she faced, and the things that she learned along the way. Other topics discussed were Home Rule, the American Planning Association's involvement in local governments, and how wealthy groups and individuals are hijacking local elections.


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Comey or 'Corney'? Stalking a Half-Popped Kernel of a Deep-State Kerning Conspiracy

Matt Shea

Original DOJ Horowitz IG report where all references to "Comey" are spelled "Corney"

Revised DOJ Horowitz IG report showing less incidents of "Corney" and over 100 of "Comey"

Rampart Report Hit Piece on Rep. Matt Shea

Washington State Rep. Matt Shea Accused of 'Domestic Terrorism' for Helping Bundys

Rep. Matt Shea expelled from GOP caucus

Rampart Hatchet Job Uses SPLC, People for the (un)American Way's "Hate Watch", and Wikipedia as "Sources"

Idaho Statesman Uses Rampart to Smear Rep. Heather Scott

Idaho Rep. Heather Scott Responds to Liberal Media Attacks

Channel 4 News Report on Matt Shea Controversy

Ammon Bundy Reponds to Shea Smear

Cowardly BLM Bully Body Slams a 57-Year-Old Grandmother to the Ground

Articles by Vicky Davis on the BLM Persecution of the Hammond Family

Govern America section on the Hammond family

Judge revokes federal grazing permit for the Hammonds

Radio Free Redoubt - RFR on KTW - 2019-12-21 So-Called Rampart Investigation Smear Job

Radio Free Redoubt - Episode 19-47 Rampart Investigation Sham is More Than Incompetence - and Merry Christmas




Dustin Gold on the Douglas Ducote Show (Talks about dangerous money guys working to overturn elections)

More than 100 Virginia cities, counties declare themselves gun sanctuaries

Virginia Governor Northam Increases Corrections Budget In Anticipation Of Jailing Gun Owners

It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws



Michigan county threatens to demolish 14 Amish homes unless they give up their religious beliefs and upgrade their homes

Matt Shay sponsored Washington state biochar initiative in 2018

Biochar Featured on KNSD Channel 7

Great Fire of London



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