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Govern America | June 9, 2018 | Blood Clots in the World's Global Metabolism

Artery with the U.S. flag blocking the flow.


Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Trump, at the G7 conference, calls for Russia to be reinstatement. Dennis Rodman the diplomat? California issues draconian water restrictions in accordance to Agenda 21. A robot runs for mayor? The ASPEN Institute talks about Russia and Putin. Election nationalization, inland ports, fusion centers, and chilling Congressional efforts to expand presidential war powers with a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Phone calls.



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Show Notes

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The National Transnational Criminal Organization





Rodman and the Dictator

Koch brothers join #Resistance, launch campaign against Trump tariffs

G7: Trump Calls for Russia to be Readmitted

Nightly Business Report "School to Work" in Kentucky

Memes 'will be banned' under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners

California Water Restrictions

The National Transnational Criminal Organization —Vicky Davis

Salt Lake City Inland Port

Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada is Another Inland Port

Centreport Canada



Aspen Institute: Former Cabinet Secretaries on Russia

Congress' Role in the Making and Execution of National Security Policy in the Trump Era

Securing the Homeland in the Post-Post 9/11 Era

Election System - critical infrastructure

S.J.Res. 23 (107th): Authorization for Use of Military Force

Homeland Security Experts Testify About War Powers and the AUMF

Corker-Kaine Proposed 2018 Authorization for Use of Military Force

Senators Corker and Kaine Want to Give President Trump the Authority to Wage Worldwide War

Merkley Introduces AUMF to Stop Endless War

A Primer on Sen. Merkley’s Proposal to Replace the AUMF

Senators Corker and Kaine Want to Give President Trump the Authority to Wage Worldwide War




Machine to run for MAYOR in Japan pledging 'fair opportunities for all'

Paramedics wanted to enter Parkland school where kids were dying. BSO said no.



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