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Govern America | April 28, 2018 | People Without Borders

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Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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North Korea holds talks with their South Korean counterparts. Should Dennis Rodman play a role in negotiating with Kim Jong Un? More on communist China's social credit system and how it is a likely model for the world. Is Syria's Bashar Al-Assad being targeted because he is not going along with the global communitarian agenda? Pompeo confirmed. Authorities access DNA databases from ancestry sites and services. The Central American migrant caravan arrives along the U.S.-Mexican border. We do a deep dive on what it means to seek asylum, the rights accorded to people with the status of "refugee", and the real source of the problem — U.S. participation in the UN system. We discuss the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol on the Status of Refugees and the role these instruments are playing in the deconstruction of our nations. Who is Pueblo Sin Fronteras, and who is behind it? More on "regime theory" and the real Russian collusion. Also, free speech is under major attack today. Discussion of the lawsuits that are going on against Alex Jones and Infowars, Lee Stranahan, and others. What are SLAP suits? Are these SLAP suits being used as an end-run around the First Amendment? Plus, phone calls and more throughout the show.



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Word Games for Treason in the Open —Vicky Davis

The Science of Communist Infiltration —Vicky Davis


Here is the video of the press conference with Macron & Trump.  Start listening about 14 minutes into it.  He mentions communitarian law somewhere around 15 but you'll get the context if you start it a little earlier.

Here is the story (captured) about Antonio Guterres, who was UNHCR at the time. He is now the Secretary-General of the UN.  I captured the story because it mentions his time with the Socialist International.

Here is a link to the DLC article I mentioned in reference to NATO.  The article mentions a conference attended by world leaders and Bill Clinton.  The 2nd link is to a clip of that conference.  I took it because the Italian prime minister said they were all part of the Socialist International.'s_New_Role.pdf

Here is the link to Grindall's channel.  I recommended it during the program.

In response to Vicky's comment regarding Alex Jones being banned from entering the UK, Barbara wrote in to clarify:

Hi Vicky.

I believe you mean to say Michael Savage rather than Alex Jones. Michael was being attacked / sued by CAIR, because he was very critical of Muslims and CAIR. There are a lot of links available concerning this subject. Back then I was a listener to his program.

Love your program!





Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as Trump’s next secretary of state

Kim Jong-un's historic walk south: North Korean dictator becomes the first to cross into the South for 65 YEARS and warmly shakes hands with his sworn enemy President Moon Jae-in at unprecedented peace summit 





China's Communitarian Social Credit Scoring System

Took an ancestry DNA test? You might be a 'genetic informant' unleashing secrets about your relatives



Migrant Carravan Arrives at U.S.-Mexican Border

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Executive Order 13107 — Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

Asylum and “Credible Fear” Issues in U.S. Immigration Policy

UN 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol — Relating to the Status of Refugees

Laura Ingham and Immigration Attorneys on Migrant Carravan and Asylum

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is All About Open Borders

Soros-Funded Groups Fueling Caravan of Migrants, Headed for U.S. Border

Word Games for Treason in the Open —Vicky Davis

The Science of Communist Infiltration —Vicky Davis



Nashville mayor demands stricter gun control after Waffle House shooting

Waffle House shooting suspect arrested last year by Secret Service

Second Amendment Proponent, Criticized; Marjory Stoneman’s Gun Control Cavalcade

Deputy Jim Bell on Tucker Carlson on "No Confidence" Vote for Sheriff Scott Israel





National Press Club Presentation with Alex Jones, Lee Stanahan, et. al.

Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And 'Media Influencers'








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