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Govern America | March 17, 2018 | Empire of Deception

Vladamir Putin flexing his muscles as fingers point at him from all directions.


Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Tariffs on steel, aluminum, and possibly on Chinese imports. Are they being used as a negotiating tool? Is production being ramped up in preparation for a new war? Or is it the unraveling of the global supply chain? Trump calls for the weaponization of space. The swamp is fully in charge. We examine the shakeups in the Trump administration and the horrible choices for key posts. Bloodthirsty neocon war hawks, and a goon who should be tried for war crimes have been placed in elevated positions within the administration. Is enhanced interrogation techniques torture a viable method for thwarting terrorism? We debate the issue. Inclusive Capitalism and creating markets for the destitute countries and people. We dissect the words of former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as he testified before Congress this past week on the subject of failed states. What progress has been made from the multiple trillions of dollars of foreign aid that has been blown from the taxpayers into failed and failing nation states? We pull the covers off Cameron's scam that he is pitching to Congress. Engineering genes to facilitate higher IQs: is it ethical? Is it a form of mind control? Would it even be considered if the public school systems weren't purposely engineered to dumb down society in favor of workforce development programs? We do a deep dive into the allegations and accusations against Russia on the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, a spy and his daughter. Is this being used as another pretense to further incite the Russians into another conflict? We are now told that the Russians have targeted the U.S. power grid, in addition to the myriad of other accusations. Also, wind turbines on water towers make the power go sour, and Disney's CEO wants their shareholder meeting to be a small world after all.



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Senate Report 93-549 — The American People Are the Enemies


Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is out — FINALLY!

Trump’s Personal Assistant Fired Over Security Issue

Trump fires Tillerson, taps CIA chief Mike Pompeo for state

‘Bloody Gina’ Takes the Reins at CIA


“The world is being driven to war, which would be nuclear, by a tiny minority: Israeli Zionists, neoconservatives, and the US military/security complex. We are witnessing the most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history.”

—Paul Craig Roberts


What Secretary of State Tillerson's Firing Means -Paul Craig Roberts





This page has the 1992 legislation to give visas to Soviet Scientists

Here are a couple of links to interviews with Ken Alibek (Americanized name).  The NOVA program is earlier than the frontline.

Here is the link to what I was working on when I found him.  It was quite accidental.  I was just trying to trace the origins of a small business in an economic development zone in Oklahoma.

Here is another article on Ken Alibek   

Here is a storybook for a video about infiltration of the U.S. Biodefense system.





Former British PM David Cameron — testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of failed and fragile states

CDC Group

British PM Theresa May on Poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal

British Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn

Laura Ingraham Interview with Former CIA Director, James Woolsey: Does the U.S. Mettle in Other Countries' Elections? "Yum, yum, yum"

WAR OF WORDS: Lavrov accuses UK of violating international law over Skripal poisoning

In a first, U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid


How the Salisbury poisoning unfolded

Theresa May warns Putin the UK will go further if Russia doesn’t stop ‘provocations’ as leaders stand together with unprecedented statement

China’s Long Arm Reaches Into American Campuses

CIA Warns of Extensive Chinese Operation to Infiltrate American Institutions; Intel report: Beijing provides 'strings-attached funding' to 'coerce' self-censorship

Navy, Marine Corps leaders warn that China is 'weaponizing capital'

Trump Must Stop Foreign Takeover of Qualcomm Before China Gets 5G Tech-Controlling ‘Devices in Your Home, Workplace, and Car’

U.S. Steel to Restart Illinois Plant Operations Amid Trump’s Tariff Plans






Wind turbine blades falling off Addison’s water tower result in $1 million flop, crazy lawsuit

New Urban Agenda Action Plan for LAC Calls for Paradigm Shift

Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science

Two Major Climate Change Lawsuits Move Forward




Disney Stages Sham Shareholder Meeting – Investors Shunned in Favor of Planted Praise







“Failing to see – or admit to ourselves or our colleagues – the issues and problems in plain sight can ruin private lives and bring down corporations.” —Margaret Hefferman


Willful Ignorance: Why We Stay Oblivious to Facts that Threaten Our Health and the Planet


Kevin Shipp: The Subversion of America
"Absolutely stunning revelations from this gentleman  he speaks from the inside  very relevant to your discussion on election meddling shadow government etc the speech on the subversion of america by the obama admin is particularly disturbing." —Alez


Interview w/ Kevin Shipp by John B. Wells
Could the CIA be sabotaging the Trump cabinet? - Episode #692 with Kevin Shipp










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