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Govern America | March 10, 2018 | Predictive Policing

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Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Police disciplined for rushing to save lives during the active shooting in Parkland, Florida. Congressional Republicans prepare to push out gun control bills, while gun rights are under attack from every level of government. We have more recent examples of people using firearms to save lives. Deep dive into the history of the COPS program — the Community-Oriented Policing Services, including very revealing commentary from those who pushed the program back in 1991. Do you wonder why you are losing your privacy? It's in the COPS program, and all in line with the Department of Defense's DARPA plan for Total Information Awareness. What are the ramifications of framing violent crime as a health issue? What does all of this have to do with Parkland, and other mass shooting events of recent years? This broadcast is a major dot connector. Also, Alexa goes full creepy. Dairy cows, research centers, renewable energy and research hubs.



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Jerome County sends Eden's proposal to expand area of impact back to the drawing board

Research center would support agriculture, Idaho economy

Read this article and scroll down to the description of Omar Siddiqui. Fits right in with what we talked about today.

Very interesting timeline. I read through this - it looks worth more research.

Here is a link to the article I talked about -  The Movement





News Report: Amazon Echo Creeps Out Users with Spooky Laugh

Terrified Amazon Echo users reveal Alexa has been emitting 'bone chilling' laughs at random and is ignoring their commands






Guns Save Lives!

Verizon clerk trades gunfire, wounds robber in Inver Grove Heights

Two SWAT officers responded to the Parkland rampage uninvited. They’ve been punished.

Senate Republicans receive jars of tar and feathers after gun vote

Trojan Horse 'Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act' Turned Into Back Door Gun Control

Congressman Ominously Warns BOTH Parties Quietly Plotting to Take Your Guns

Kentucky Rep. Tom Massie Warns of GOP Gun Control

Broward County: Backtracking the Programs

Business Intelligence Policing/Predictive Policing

Congressional Hearing on Community-Oriented Policing Services

Conference on Violence in America: Framing Violent Crime as a Mental Health Issue

Community Policing Continuum -Vicky Davis

Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology


Grieving mother silenced with a syringe  (This is the story to which Darren referred about the Russian sub incident)





'Corporations Are People' Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie

Senate Report 93-549 (Referenced by caller Daryl)






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