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Govern America | February 10, 2018 | Micro Livestock

dinner plate of bugs


Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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It's the battle of the memos, as Democrats attempt to get a retaliatory memo out after the GOP FISA memo. New false EAS alert warns Floridians of a non-existent tsunami. What is going on with our emergency warning systems that so many false alarms are being triggered? Market mayhem as the big three indexes each drop 10 percent on Thursday. Is the Federal Reserve weaponizing interest rates to take down Trump? One analyst believes so. Yet another government shutdown takes place this week. Rand Paul chastises his colleagues on the floor of the senate. Global Warming is now causing rapes, despite much of the north being buried in snow. The Establishment continues to promote bug eating for the slaves. Body parts of dead "human resources" are shipped abroad for profit. Former FBI director, James Comey, talks about how he and Robert Mueller transitioned the FBI to an intelligence agency. The World Urban Forum began this week with a promotion of tiny houses. A discussion about definitions, and phone calls on various topics.



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Here is the link to the program with Hillary Clinton talking about Civil Society -

And the other one I didn't mention but that really is a good follow-up is Hillary at the CFR.  Very revealing

I Was A Communist For The FBI (1951 movie, mentioned by a caller)

Here is a video posted on the twitter account of Kevin McCarthy.  It's Trey Gowdy and Nunes talking about the memos.






False tsunami warning sent to the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean


WGN Channel 9 - The Nine O'Clock News - "The 1st 'Max Headroom' Incident" (1987)


Second Max Headroom WTTW Pirating Incident - 11/22/87


Max Headroom - The 3rd Incident (It sounds like he said "New World Order" at 1:24 into the video.)


Wikipedia Has a Page on the Incident






NAACP Climate Director Blames Sexual Assault on Global Warming

Michael Wolff Shut Down by Mika Brzezinkski on Morning Joe

Nightly Business Report - Thursday, February 8, 2018

"The Street" Interview with Peter Schiff

"CBS This Morning" on Government Shutdown

Senator Rand Paul Speech on Senate Floor on Government Debt, Congressional Responsibilities

Congress Votes to Repeal Independent Payment Advisory Board, Obamacare’s “Death Panels”

In Budget Deal, GOP and Trump Fully Fund Planned Parenthood


 Full Text of the GOP FISA Memo (pdf)


Former FBI Director James Comey on the Fusion of the Bureau with Intelligence

Explanations for Kushner’s meeting with head of Kremlin-linked bank don’t match up (Article showing Carter Page worked with the FBI prior to being Trump's 2016 campaign advisor) 





Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs for Vanity Fair

Micro homes and communal living bring ‘kampung spirit’ back to city living

Sharif: Managed Cities Are Key To Driving Sustainable Development

World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur To Debate Sustainability

World Urban Forum 2018





The Body Trade: U.S. body brokers supply world with human torsos, limbs and heads

Body Donors Fueling A Booming Business (Referenced by Darren on the show, in conjunction with the above piece)

Doctor 'had child's head in a jar'

Alder Hey Mom: My Baby's Body Was in 36 Jars



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