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Govern America | February 3, 2018 | Master Builder of Façades

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Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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TEPCO prepares to dump more radioactive water into the Pacific from the Fukushima #1 plant, as high levels of radiation continue. Officials in Hawaii have changed their story, again, regarding the incoming ballistic missile false alert. Detroit launches a scheme to suck local businesses into the Homeland Security intelligence fusion centers. FBI being integrated into the intelligentsia. The U.S. "60 percent effective" missile defense system fails another test. Have we become a nation of amateurs? We examine the hype and substance of the FISA memo, which was declassified and released. Why did Congress wait to release the memo until after they reauthorized the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court? The fraud of the FISA court system. Is Trump considering a false flag "major event" to unite the people of America behind his agenda? We parse a troubling statement from the president. Funny business continues in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting case. We have analysis of President Trump's State of the Union address and take several phone calls on various topics.


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Russian writer for New York Times talking about Putin's Russia

Corporate Coup - timeline  

Video of Jake Morphonios talking about the ammunition seller and the link to the ATF

James Comey speaking at the Intelligence & Security Summit, where he said that Baginski & Mueller made the decision to include the FBI into the intelligence network.




Regulator urges Tepco to release treated radioactive water from damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant into the sea

High radiation detected at Fukushima plant

The Latest: Worker who sent missile alert had past issues

CNN Sends Out Multiple Push Alerts About Firing Of Person Who Sent Out False Hawaii Missile Alert

FCC Reviews Emergency Alert System


Another US antiballistic missile test fails, officials say

Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a ‘major event’

Trump Hopes a Traumatic “Major Event” Isn’t Needed to Unite America





Full Text of the GOP FISA Memo (pdf)




For a few thousand bucks, Detroit police will give a business higher 911 priority

Project Green Light Detroit

Green Light Detroit Promotional Video

Search warrant document names 2nd ‘person of interest’ in Las Vegas shooting

Judge orders release of Las Vegas shooting autopsy reports; Coronor Refuses



Trump's First State of the Union Address

GOP Leaders Plot Amnesty in Exchange for National ID (Good article that we didn't get to talk about on the show)


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