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Hurricane Harvey smashes into Texas, destroying many homes and businesses in its path. The talking points are set in the media to take full advantage of the disaster for political purposes. Was the storm enhanced through artificial weather modification technologies? What are the strange waves coming from the Antarctic that entered the jet stream prior to the storm? We share documents and a documentary regarding weather engineering, dating back to a half century ago. A storm of a different sort sweeps across the nation as Antifa attacks conservatives on the campus of Berkeley. Where are these dark characters coming from, and why isn't the Attorney General, FBI, or anyone else in government doing anything to investigate? Why aren't funds being seized that are being used for seditious activities? As the Trump administration furthers the police state by reinstating asset forfeiture and the 1033 program, police are not being held accountable for bullying innocent people. A nurse is arrested for doing nothing more than her job. Additionally, nothing is being done about the ongoing injustices against the Hammonds, who rot away in prison for being ranchers. There is no administration action on behalf of the Bundys and their supporters as kangaroo courts attempt to railroad them into prison, making examples out of them for daring to stand up to federal bureaucratic bullies. Meanwhile, privatization schemes have been kicked into high gear, EB-5 visa recruitment is booming, and there is evidence that we are being stabbed in the back on the NAFTA renegotiation. The swamp is fully in tact.


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“We can hardly expect the nation-state to make itself superfluous, at least not overnight. Rather, what we must aim for is really nothing more than caretakers of a bankrupt international machine which will have to be transformed slowly into a new one. The transition will not be dramatic, but a gradual one. People will still cling to national symbols.”

—Henry Morgenthau, CFR, Secretary of the Treasury under FDR, 1945





White House Wants to Help States, Cities Offload Infrastructure




Rick Stengel: Harvey a Man-Made Disaster Due to Lack of

Sustainable Development and Natural Hazards Mitigation

Kiah Collier, Enviro Reporter for Texas Tribune: Problem is Lack of Prairie Lands in City

Former FEMA Chief, James Lee Witt on CNN: We Have to Start Doing More’ to Prepare for Global Warming

Truth Stream Media Weather Mini Documentary: Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the Weather

Tweet from Jason Riversa with Document from Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association

Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association

Weather Modification Association


Hurricane Harvey — Wikipedia (for timeline)

Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on Texas agriculture

Homeowner shoots 'intruder' in Corpus Christi DURING Hurricane Harvey as Category 4 storm makes landfall on Texas coast

The nation's largest oil refinery shuts down as Hurricane Harvey floods Texas

New Climate Study Throws A Wrench In The Global Warming Debate: “Our New Technical Paper… Will Likely Be Ignored”

Our Planet Was Warmer In Medieval Times

President Donald Trump to Donate $1 Million to Hurricane Harvey Efforts

Sustainable Development and Natural Hazards Mitigation (pdf)





US military sends warships, aircraft to Texas

AG Jeff Sessions Speech at Fraternal Order of Police

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Hurricane Harvey Is Proof We Need To Militarize Our Police Forces

Nurse shares police video of 'crazy' arrest by S.L. officer

Why the Bundy crew keeps winning in court

1/3 of Idaho lawmakers ask AG Sessions to back off Bundy case




Berkeley Police Identify 13 Arrested In Protest Violence

Berkeley Free Speech Demonstrator Says Antifa Swarmed Rally With Weapons

‘Crowds On Demand’ Provides Clients With Fake Protesters

Your home for Protests, Rallies, Audiences, PR Stunts, and Celebrity Events.

1-800-HIRE-A-CROWD — The business of generating fake enthusiasm, from flash mobs to the campaign trail

Armed Antifa Group Hosts “Our Enemies in Blue” Anti-Police Workshop

Armed Antifa Group Hosts “Our Enemies in Blue” Anti-Police Workshop

After melees, Berkeley mayor asks Cal to cancel right-wing Free Speech Week

Fearing Antifa ‘Mayhem,’ Berkeley Mayor Wants ‘Free Speech Week’ Canceled for UC Conservatives

Poll: Nation Split Over Whether Media Or White Supremacists Are Doing More Damage

Berkeley Police Identify 13 Arrested in Protest Violence





Weather 101


U.S. Patent: Weather management using space-based power system


Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025


Bill Gates Announces Funding for Seawater-Spraying Cloud Machines


NASA Satellite Pictures Prove Our Weather Is Manipulated


According to NASA: “An anticyclone is a high-pressure weather system. The air above an anticyclone descends. In the northern hemisphere, a clockwise rotation develops around the anticyclone center. In the southern hemisphere, a counterclockwise rotation develops around an anticyclone. In general, the weather is usually clear and good within high-pressure areas.”



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