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Govern America | August 19, 2017 | Demand Push

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Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Asteroid and solar eclipse hysteria. EarthEx drill to simulate electric grid failure to be held by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council in collaboration with international public-private partnerships and NGOs. FCC moving toward elimination of the main studio rule. Solutions that become the problem. Monuments and statues under major attack across America. We have analysis of the Charlottesville, Virginia event. Were both sides infiltrated by professional agitators? Who is stirring the pot and why? Lots of phone calls throughout the show.


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"We can hardly expect the nation-state to make itself superfluous, at least not overnight. Rather what we must aim for is really nothing more than caretakers of a bankrupt international machine which will have to be transformed slowly into a new one. The transition will not be dramatic, but a gradual one. People will still cling to national symbols."

—Henry Morgenthau, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury for Franklin D. Roosevelt, CFR member, 1945





Territorial re-organization - economic engineering:

Here is a link to information about CENTROPE  - the central European economic region.

And the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER)


Here is the report I did on the Human Genome Project.

And the Special Report on TVOI News about the Public Health system.






Catalytic Converters Turned Car Exhaust to Sulfuric Acid





Emergency officials preparing for Great Solar Eclipse

"Black Sky Hazards": Feds To Wargame "Widespread Power Outages" And "Cascading Infrastructure Failures"

Experts prepare for events that could bring society to its knees [ARCHIVED COPY]

The Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Council

EarthEx Drill

A THREE MILE wide asteroid is set to graze past Earth on Sept. 1 - and NASA says it's the largest to come this close since they began keeping track

Emergency officials preparing for Great Solar Eclipse





Steve Bannon is out at White House

Baltimore: Robert E. Lee Statue Replaced With Statue of Pregnant Black Woman

Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy Supports Black Panthers

Tweets from Charlottesville councilman cause some to call for his removal

Charlottesville vice mayor's tweets; Wes Bellamy's tweets contrast with other published messages of unity, empowerment

Virginia Board of Education member resigns after vulgar tweets surface

Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter

SPLC - Jason Kessler

"Crowdsource the Truth" with Guest Lee Stranahan

First on CNN: Former DNC contractor denies working with Ukrainian officials on anti-Trump research

Ukraine Says There's No Evidence of Illicit Payments to Manafort

Evan McMullin - Wikipedia

Evan McMullin - LinkedIn

XXII Congress of Ukrainians in America held in Hartford

Ukrainian Insurgent Army


Do We Need the States?

FCC Main Studio Rule





South Park Bank Scene: "...and it's gone"



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