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Govern America | September 24, 2016 | Enjoy Difference, Start Tolerance

Enjoy Difference, Start Tolerance - picture of rioter kicking police shield 


Host: Darren Weeks

Mall shooting in Burlington, Washington. Cops shoot black men in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina. Who is behind the North Carolina riots? Terror attacks and domestic disturbances. The FBI takes Daddy's word for it. Those "fantastic" surveillance tools. Follow up on e-mail-gate, prosecutorial immunity, deportees that can't take a hint, Jeh Johnson makes an admission, the hijab goes commercial, and phone calls throughout the show.


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Show Notes

Note: Original links may degrade over time. Includes a few items we didn't get to during the show.


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Three Five dead, 2 injured in Cascade Mall shooting in Burlington; suspect remains at large

9/16/16 — Tulsa Oklahoma — Officer Betty Shelby shot Terrence Clutcher
SUV broke down, blocking road — Shelby on the way to domestic violence call, stopped and encountered Terrence Clutcher — claims he was acting erratically, calls for backup — as backup arrives Clutcher is filmed with his hands up — then the cops gather around him near his car and something happens — he is both tased and shot. — Cops say they thought he was reaching for a gun, but no gun was found.

9/20/16 — Charlotte, NC — Officer Brently Vinson (black cop) shot Keith Lamont Scott
Officers were in the location to serve a warrant on someone else — somehow they got involved with Keith who they say appeared to have a gun. — The family denies he had a gun, but news footage appears to show one. Meanwhile, a police video of the incident is yet to be released, although the Mr. Scott’s family had a chance to view it… The Charlotte chief of police was on with Megyn Kelly...

Charlotte Shooting Video: Footage Shows Fatal Encounter Between Police, Keith Lamont Scott

WCNC Video Appears to Show Gun at Scene

Scott's wife in the video also tells police that her husband had a TBI, or traumatic brain injury, and had just taken "his medicine." It was not clear from the video whether police heard the wife nor the nature of any injury Scott may have sustained.


CNN quoted a source close to the Charlotte investigation as saying that a loaded gun had been recovered at the scene of the crime and that fingerprints, DNA and blood on it matched Scott's.

Charlotte marchers demand police release shooting tapes, Reuters, Sep 24, 2016

Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation

Lance's Parascope stream

Police ‘Accidentally’ Shoot 13-yo Girl at Elementary School After She Became ‘Combative’

Police Departments Are Becoming Mini-NSAs

The Full Cost Of Incarceration In The U.S. Is Over $1 Trillion, Study Finds

FBI gave top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills immunity in email probe, rep says

Obama Had Told CBS News He Learned About Server from News

Obama Used a Pseudonym in E-mails with Clinton

Border agents alerted FBI on NJ-NY bombing suspect in 2014

FBI Press Conference — September 19, 2016

On the FBI's radar: Orlando Shooter had been investigated before

FBI Lies Again: NYC Bomber Was On FBI "Radar" After All

Public Defender Says Prosecutor Denied Him Access to Ahmad Rahami

Charlotte violence sparks self defense gun buying spree

Islamic State claims responsibility for Minnesota mall attack

Is fear of change at the root of Europe’s anti-immigrant backlash?

Martha McSally: 858 Illegals Getting Citizenship Is a ‘Total Blunder’ by DHS

110,000 Refugees Goal Sparks Debate over Terrorist Entry into US

Leprosy Hits California

Serial Rapist Tried Setting Girl On Fire Was Deported Five Times

NYC Mayor calls for more Muslim migrants

Mexico issuing transit visas to African migrants flocking to U.S.-Mexico border

Obama Brings in 769 Syrian Refugees First Week of Month

PEW: 57 Million Hispanics Now in USA

Soros MASSIVE Migrant Push

McDonald's Hires Foreign H-1Bs, Fires Americans

Ten Times In Past Two Years Terrorists Slipped Through Immigration Process

Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs

Homeland Security Market Is Expected To Reach USD 452.46 Billion By 2024 : Radiant Insights,Inc

Three men charged in alleged gang-rape near Eiffel Tower

Merkel signals she may back down from open-door refugee policy after disastrous election

Merkel's party gets beaten over refugees

TV Ad Encourages German Women to Wear Hijabs

Sadiq Khan blasts Donald Trump for 'playing into hands' of Isil during US trip

My tweet to Sadiq Khan

AP, USA Today, Vice Sue FBI Over Refusal To Release Information About Contractor Who Cracked iPhone For It

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