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Govern America | April 9, 2016 | Averaging Up As the Trajectory Goes Down

Host: Darren Weeks


Third Hour Guest: Jim Beers


Exposing the exposers, we delve deep into the Panama Papers and reveal who is backing the organizations and entities that are behind the offshore account "leak". We explore the possible motives for the release of the data, along with what is conspicuously missing from the document dump. U.S. continues to ship weapons into the hands of Syrian terror groups, despite a ceasefire. Economic growth is dismal at best, while debt is poised to surpass the entire national GDP. Ford looks to create thousands of jobs in Mexico, while Americans struggle to clothe and feed themselves. As Japanese people put away cash in their mattresses, the Japanese government is looking to replace currency with fingerprints. The super-rich met in Davos earlier this year. Why were they discussing the issue of brain scanning technology and mind control? In the final hour, Jim Beers, 30 year veteran of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joins us to discuss "green" organizations, animal rights groups, property rights, cougars, wolves, coyotees, pathers, invasive species, consensus meetings, and more.


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Show Notes

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Nightly Business Report — April 4, 2016


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State Dept. to Putin: US Was Not ‘In Any Way Involved’ in Panama Papers Leak

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Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces

First-quarter economy looks bleaker by the day

Puerto Rico Deals Horrendous Blow to Wall Street — Suspends All Payments On Public Debt

New Ford plant will create 2,800 new jobs — in Mexico


Americans spend more on taxes than food, clothing, housing combined

Japan to print additional ¥10,000 bills as more people stash their cash at home

Japan: Fingerprints to Be Tested as ‘currency’

IMF predicts Greek default will coincide with EU referendum, claims WikiLeaks

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