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Govern America | November 7, 2015 | Behind the Mask

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

We start off with a few victories which demonstrate the effectiveness people can have if they put forth the effort. The full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was finally released this week. We have a summary of the "highlights". Then, we turn our attention to the Million Mask March, held November 5th in various cities, internationally, to commemorate Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators' attempt at blowing up the British parliament in 1605. While some of the group's messaging will resonate with many people — including their denouncements of Wall Street cronyism, and their stated efforts to "fight tyranny" — their protests have turned violent. Just as importantly, if they are fighting tyranny, as they claim, why do they carry signs promoting the "Socialist Worker" Party? How are they tied to the cyber-group Anonymous? Why does the logo for Anonymous look a lot like the UN logo? British parliament has introduced a cyber encryption and tracking law which, oddly enough could impact people everywhere. Congress moves on CISPA which would have far-reaching privacy ramifications. 


Show Notes

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Imaging EFX by Kenny's Voice, Licenced Under CC-BY 3.0


Victory: Texas college town overwhelmingly votes to stop adding fluoride to drinking water


Europe's big NO to half-baked GMO compromises

French Monsanto research site damaged in suspected arson attack


House Bill 4916 (2015) Bill to Stop Utilities from Imposing Smart Meters

U.S. unions, lawmakers vow scrutiny of Pacific trade pact


*No National Strategy for Balanced Trade: US negotiators failed and refused to adopt a strategy to reduce or eliminate the trade deficit and grow US industry market share overall. Instead, they focused upon satisfying industries who can afford lobbyists to push for special interest requests.

*Buy America rules are weakened.  The TPP procurement chapter give firms operating in any TPP nation equal access to U.S. government procurement contracts, rather than us continuing to give preference to local firms to build and maintain our public roads, bridges, railways, post offices and universities.

*Increased suits by foreign companies: The TPP would double U.S. government exposure to suits by foreign companies who can claim that federal, state or local rules have interfered with their profit expectations. More than 9,200 additional foreign subsidiaries operating in America are newly empowered to launch international tribunal cases against the U.S. government. Judges in the tribunals can expand the meaning of the TPP through their rulings.

*Unilateral trade disarmament: The US continues to allow other countries to replace their lower tariffs with currency manipulation and increased VAT taxes to deny our companies any expectation of market share benefit.

*Offshoring enabled: The TPP Investment Chapter would eliminate many of the risks and costs of relocating American jobs to low-wage countries. Further, the US Trade Representative stated goal is to foster global supply chains, a euphemism for offshoring, rather than prioritize growth of American supply chains.

*Disregarded Congressional Instructions: The Administration disregarded most of the over 150 congressional negotiating instructions included in the Fast Track trade authority legislation passed in June of this year. Rather than being placed in the driver's seat, Congress continues to be in the back seat.

*False Claims of Strong Enforcement: The Administration recycled the "high-standard" and "strong enforcement" claims of past trade deals.  The labor and environmental provisions are not enforceable, regardless of the claimed toughness of the language. Yet foreign company profit expectations are enforceable.


VA wrongly tells veterans they’re dead, cuts off benefits

46,471: Drug Overdoses Killed More Americans Than Car Crashes or Guns

San Diego Cops Keep Forgetting to Turn Their Body Cameras On Before Killing People


Million Mask March: Anonymous protesters hurl fireworks and set police car on fire in London

‘Anti-Capitalist’ Protesters in London

FLASHBACK:  Soros spent $33MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create 'echo chamber' and drive national protests

Million Mask March London 2015 In 50 Pictures

Internet firms to be banned from offering unbreakable encryption under new laws

All UK website visits 'to be stored for year'

Senate Passes CISA, The Surveillance Bill Masquerading As A Cybersecurity Bill; Here’s Who Sold Out Your Privacy

6 Reasons Why You Need to Pick Up the Phone Right Now and Tell Your Rep to Oppose CISA


 People Wrongly Blamed A 'War On Cops' For An Officer's Death. Here's What They're Saying Now.


 Propaganda Video Making the Laughable Claim That “Warming” Conspiracy Not Profitable
(Garbage video was sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s. Like ice cream? Please don’t buy it from these guys!)

Global Warming Activists Don’t Like When Someone Follows The Money

Scientists warned the US president about global warming 50 years ago today


Photo of Magazine Covers Courtesy:

New York to Investigate Exxon Mobile for “Climate Change” statements


 EPA Colusion: Predetermines Outcomes With Private Groups



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