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Govern America | September 12, 2015 | Cyber Posture

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant


Is the United States government standing down aerial surveillance along the east coast? If so, why? We have the bulletins and the questions. This "military exercise", which apparently could put aircraft in jeopardy, comes among heightened tensions. Russian ships were spotted on the east coast near U.S. nuclear submarine areas. Chinese ships were also spotted 12 nautical miles of American soil in Alaska. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew issues a warning, as media lapdogs and globalist banker organizations continue promoting integration. Over 94 million Americans have been forced out of the labor force, with many having no income at all. We discuss the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, touching upon their board members and their purpose. Former U.S. Treasury Secretaries laugh at the victims of income inequality, a problem they created, while Warren Buffett says we should send unskilled poor people off to die in war. Also, wood-burning stoves: Get 'em while their hot! EPA's ban on them takes effect soon. Plus, we do a deep dive on the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) database breach, which has turned out to be a far worse national security disaster than anyone has been told.


Show Notes

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U.S. Aerial Surveillance is Being Impaired Off the East Coast Until October 1st Due to “Military Activities”

TCAS, ADS-B Unreliable on East Coast During September

U.S. Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas

Five Chinese ships sail Bering Sea as Obama visits Alaska

Chinese naval ships came within 12 nautical miles of American soil

China Sells U.S. Treasuries to Support Yuan



Tom Watkins: Michigan’s building bridges with China

Tom Watkins: Chinese investment benefits Michigan

Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Stuck at 38-Year Low for 3rd Straight Month

A Study of the 1.5 Million American Households With Practically No Income at All

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (Board of Directors)

Carla Hills, Chair

W. Michael Blumenthal, Chairman Emeritus

Henry Kissinger — former Secretary of State

Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State by Gary Allen

Maurice R. Greenberg, AIG

Thomas Kean

William R. Rhodes xxxxx


William Rhodes is a member of the Group of 30


What is the Group of 30?

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (Programs)

New Neighbors: Chinese Investment in the United States by Congressional District
US-China Relations and Rhodium Group, May 2015

"Some People Just Don't Fit In The Economy" Buffett Explains: "We'll Send Them Off To Afghanistan"



Three Former Treasury Secretaries Laugh at Poor

Obama to require steeper emissions cuts from US power plants



EPA Proposes Updates to Air Standards for Newly Manufactured Woodstoves and Heaters/Updates would make the next generation of woodstoves and heaters significantly cleaner and more efficient

New EPA Regulations Ban Production and Sale of Most Wood-Burning Stoves

THE EPA RULE: Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced-Air Furnaces

Summary of Requirements for Woodstoves and Pellet Stoves

Spotted owl numbers not only down but also at faster rate

Local Cops Believe Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI Informant — Boston Globe Columnist

OPM Breach was a Catastrophe: “30 years’ worth of sensitive security-clearance, background-check, and personal data from at least 10 million current, past, and prospective federal employees and veterans”

Hacks of OPM databases compromised 22.1 million people, federal authorities say

How Much Damage Can the OPM Hackers Do With a Million Fingerprints?
The pilfering of 1.1 million fingerprints is “probably the biggest counterintelligence threat in my lifetime,” one former NSA official said.

US officials report massive breach of federal personnel data — EVERY federal employee’s records may have been taken


FBI Director Comey Asked by Congress About OPM Data Breach

Rep. Connolly’s confidence in OPM shaken after personal experience

OPM Breach Includes Congressional Staffers

Spies Warned Feds About OPM Mega-Hack Danger

Hacking of Government Computers Exposed 21.5 Million People

White House Welcoming Message for Katherine Archuleta, the First Latina Director of the Office of Personnel Management



Katherine Archuleta: Our Upgrades are Working

Katherine Archuleta: More Funding Needed to Improve Our Cyber Posture

Katherine Archuleta: How Big Was the Breach?

Donna Seymore: Depth of the Attack

Ron DeSantis: SF-86 Blackmail Potential

Katherine Archuleta: Why No Encryption?

Katherine Archuleta: Why Not Shut It Down?

Katherine Archuleta: Cybersecurity Takes Decades

Katherine Archuleta: Highest Priority

Ted Lieu: FBI Encryption Backdoors and Culture of Incompetence

Caryolyn Maloney: Contractors Targeted



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