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Govern America | August 15, 2015 | Rhetorical Excess

Host: Darren Weeks


The Royals want their privacy. The mother of theater shooter James Holmes speaks out — and her words are quite revealing! The FBI's war on the mentally ill. British forces dressing up like ISIS. Food banks hungry, as bureaucrats work to feed big business. Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership dead? Updates on illegal surge, border agent Brian Terry's murderer cops a plea, the Benghazi coverup, the Iran nuclear deals that no one has read. We also take a deep dive into the Environmental Destruction Agency's poisoning of the Animas River. Was this a deliberate false-flag operation?


Show Notes

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A letter from Kensington Palace

Woman Gets Jail Time for Outburst During Holmes Trial

Florida Man Arrested in ISIS-Inspired Backpack Nail Bomb Plot, FBI Says

Terror Theater: FBI’s Key West Counterterrorism Sting Target “A Little Slow”

US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was 'a willful Washington decision'

How US Allies Aid Al Qaeda in Syria

British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

$2,672,414,000,000: Federal Taxes Set Record Through July; $17,955 Per Worker--Feds Still Run $465.5B Deficit

Food banks struggle to meet increasing demand all across the country

Top US trade expert: Massive Trans-Pacific deal will get done

Former United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk

Census: Record 42.1 million immigrants in U.S., Mexicans drive latest surge

City Appoints Two Undocumented Immigrants To City Commissions

'Total breakdown': Senator investigates latest murder by illegal immigrant

Plea deal given to man indicted in murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry

OUTRAGE: Ringleader in Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Gets Away with Slap on Wrist

Kerry: We Can't Reveal Contents of Secret Side Deals to American People

BENGHAZI COVERUP:  State Department official alleges Clinton-related document sorting operation in basement

Benghazi survivors ungagged: CIA delayed rescue team & nixed air support

The EPA Doubles Down; Latest Regulations Show an Agency Captured by Environmental Activists

EPA: Amount of mine waste water 3 times original estimate

EPA likely to pay big price for toxic spill; “We have the equivalent of an EPA-caused Love Canal here”

Lawsuits: Love Canal still oozes 35 years later

Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?

Months ago, Colorado town pleaded with EPA to not perform tests that caused toxic disaster

House subcommittee approves cuts to EPA funding

Liberal group says White House should use Gulf of Mexico auction to secure parks spending

Futurist Suggests Replacing Death Penalty With Brain Implants That Control Prisoners’ Mind, Behaviour


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