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Govern America | July 18, 2015 | Not Your Grandfather's Al Qaeda

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant


The Joker's verdict, and other active shooter events. More on the FBI's involvement in staged terror events. New video purports to show behind-the-scenes production of fake beheading video. Flags, symbols, tyranny, and homosexual marriage. Jade Helm 15 and communications outages. The government wants backdoors to encryption, and why the experts say it must not be done. Congress gives Monsanto another gift — rejecting labels for genetically-modified foods. As it turns out, food isn't the only cash crop being genetically modified. From whence did Afghanistan's yield-increasing GMO poppy seeds come? Phone calls in the final hour.


Show Notes

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Aurora shooting verdict: James Holmes found guilty in theater massacre [ARCHIVED]

Theater Shooter Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder [ARCHIVED]

Four US marines killed at two military facilities in 'act of terrorism' in Tennessee [ARCHIVED]

FBI Tracked Chattanooga Shooter's Family for Years [ARCHIVED]

Mitchell Fishes for Better Angle on Chattanooga Terrorist [ARCHIVED]

Murder rates drop as concealed carry permits soar [ARCHIVED]

Another “Terror” Arrest; Another Mentally Ill Man, Armed by the FBI [ARCHIVED]

New Hacker Video Claims To Show Staged Beheading Footage [ARCHIVED]

FBI Director Says Background Check System Failed, Allowing Alleged SC Shooter to Purchase Gun [ARCHIVED]

Confederate flag supporters rise up to defend embattled symbol [ARCHIVED]

Bill funding Interior, EPA stalls over Confederate flag issue [ARCHIVED]

Jade Helm 15 Begins Same Day Service Outages Reported Across America By Multiple Providers! [ARCHIVED]

Going Dark: Encryption, Technology, and the Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy [ARCHIVED]

Matt Blaze bio [ARCHIVED]

Security Now with Steve Gibson #506 — Law Enforcement Backdoors [ARCHIVED]

Google Exec Turned Obama Official Won't Describe Magic Solution to Encryption Debate [ARCHIVED]

Cities across the country are welcoming immigrants as a boon to the economy [ARCHIVED]

Seattle mayor offers plan to help followers of Sharia law buy houses [ARCHIVED]

Federal agent’s gun used in San Francisco ‘sanctuary city’ murder case [ARCHIVED]

Isis Expansion Along U.S. Borders [ARCHIVED]

Obama: More U.S. money to ISIS terrorists [ARCHIVED]

US Admits Paying Terrorists For Services Rendered In Syria [ARCHIVED]

Judge threatens to hold DHS chief and immigration officials in contempt-of-court [ARCHIVED]

DHS To Release More Illegal Immigrant Families, Even As 84 Percent Fail To Appear In Court [ARCHIVED]

Mexico Deporting More Illegals Than U.S. [ARCHIVED]

12,000 Undocumented Children Caught In Mexico Trying To Cross U.S. Border [ARCHIVED]

Violent Uptick in Opposite Parts of Mexico: 22 Dead in Nuevo Leon, 21 Dead in Guerrero [ARCHIVED]

Former Governor Of Mexico's Most Violent Border State Charged With Money Laundering in Texas [ARCHIVED]

House Backs Monsanto and BANS GMO Labeling [ARCHIVED]

Monsanto Invests Billions In New Carcinogenic Herbicide To Replace RoundUp [ARCHIVED]

Afghan poppy farmers say new seeds will boost opium output [ARCHIVED]

Monsanto Exposed for Trying to Hide 'Ugly History' By Ditching Its Name [ARCHIVED]

Worm Now Thrives in GMO Corn Designed to Kill It, Study Says [ARCHIVED]

Pfizer Vice President Blows The Whistle & Tells The Truth About The Pharmaceutical Industry [ARCHIVED]

5th holistic doctor (age 33) died in Florida making 5 dead and 5 more missing [ARCHIVED]

US Aid To El Salvador Came With Strings Attached: Monsanto Seeds Required [ARCHIVED]

Embassy of the United States: Doing Business in Afghanistan [ARCHIVED]

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