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Govern America | July 11, 2015 | The Agency that Cried Wolf

Host: Darren Weeks


FBI and banker warnings of impending doom. Jade Helm and the federal hoarding of ammo. Militarization of police continues along with their victimization of the populace on both the federal and the local level. Scientists project images onto the sky with lasers. Could this be used for Project Bluebeam? Financial crises in Greece, China, and Puerto Rico. Is the United States next? Also, Scotlands lawyers are some real devils, strange computer "glitches" shut down the New York Stock Exchange, Eric Holder returns to representing the bankers who he failed to prosecute as attorney general, cashless society coming to Germany, and MasterCard wants you to spend with your face. Phone calls.


Show Notes

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FBI & Homeland Security Now 0 For 41 In Predicting Imminent Terrorist Attacks On The US [ARCHIVED]


U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting as Hot New Sport [ARCHIVED]

US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 'collusion' [ARCHIVED]

Jade Helm 15, heavily scrutinized military exercise, to open without media access [ARCHIVED] 

Agency’s request for 52,000 rounds of ammo for Hoover Dam prompts inquiry [ARCHIVED]

New SWAT Documents Give Snapshot of Ugly Militarization of U.S. Police [ARCHIVED]

Cop Decapitates Army Vet With Cruiser on the Way to a Call, Doesn’t Render Aid, Speeds Off [ARCHIVED] 

Mistakes in Dylann Roof's Background Check Fuel Gun Law Debate [ARCHIVED]

Long Prison Term Given to Man Who Shot DEA Agent He Thought Was Home Intruder [ARCHIVED]

Ghost rider in the sky: Scientists use lasers to project movie onto clouds [ARCHIVED]

Devilling — [ARCHIVED]
Wigs, Devilmasters, Squatters and Silks: The World of Lawyers in Britain [ARCHIVED]

Devil's advocate - Wikipedia page [ARCHIVED]

Pope calls for new ecological, economic order [ARCHIVED] 

Greece debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer [ARCHIVED] 


Greeks Rise Up Against Debt Bondage as Bankers Plan to Avert Collapse [ARCHIVED]

Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse [ARCHIVED] 

Report Claims Desperate Greek Banks May Raid Customers’ Accounts for Cash [ARCHIVED]

Sugar, flour, rice: panicked Greeks stock up on essentials [ARCHIVED]

Greek Villagers’ Secret Weapon: Grow Your Own Food [ARCHIVED]

The really worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece [ARCHIVED]

Why The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Is Such A Huge Threat To The U.S. Financial System [ARCHIVED]

Hillary Clinton calls for bankruptcy law change so Puerto Rico can tackle debt [ARCHIVED]

NYSE, United Airlines, hit with computer issues [ARCHIVED] 

US: More Than 21 Million Affected by Government Data Breach [ARCHIVED] 

The world is defenseless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS [ARCHIVED]

'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers [ARCHIVED] 

Sealed HSBC Report Shows U.S. Managers Battling Cleanup Squad [ARCHIVED]
Job market's new normal: Smaller workforce, sluggish pay [ARCHIVED]

Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours [ARCHIVED]

Eric Holder Returns as Hero to Law Firm That Lobbies for Big Banks [ARCHIVED]

Goldman Sachs-Supported Solar Company Uses Prison Labor to Make Panels [ARCHIVED]

Cashless Society Coming to Germany [ARCHIVED] 

Forget the Plastic, MasterCard Wants You To Pay By Facial Recognition [ARCHIVED]


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