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Govern America | June 20, 2015 | Jobs for Jihadis

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant, Vicky Davis
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Fast-track legislation for "free trade" agreements passes the U.S. House of Representatives. On the same day as the vote, we get a mass shooting event. Distraction to call people's attention away from what the critters were doing on the Hill? Full court press on gun control now underway. We discuss Vicky's new series on The Road to Benghazi . Also, the Cuban Foreign Investement Act of 2014. Is this the reason why Obama announced his move toward rapprochement with the communist island nation?


Show Notes

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Vicky's Series: The Road to Benghazi

Part 1 - Intro (pdf)
Libya:  The Clowns Come To Town  (pdf)
Benghazi:  The Business of War (pdf)


Canada & United States enter arbitration over COOL

TPP fight: Fast-track legislation approved in US House, heads to Senate... Negotiators under pressure to finish pact to allow TPP to clear Congress before the 2016 US presidential election campaigns

Hillary Clinton Calls for Action on Guns After Charleston Shooting




Bill Clinton: We Can't Just Have People Walking Around With Guns, You Know



Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

Obama says we can't accept this level of gun violence



Cuba Foreign Investment Act of 2014

Cuba: Port Upgrades and Free-Trade Zones

State Department: Toward a Digitally Connected Cuba

Michigan Workforce Development Agency: Cluster Strategies,5303,7-304-64363---,00.html

Michigan Workforce Development Agency: Cluster White Paper

Health-system resilience: reflections on the Ebola crisis in western Africa

Greece could be forced to lock down savers’ cash as debt crisis worsens


“Islamic State” (ISIS) Supply Lines, Influx of Fighters and Weapons Protected by Turkey in Liaison with NATO

ISIS Colonel was Trained By Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years

Growing Body of Law Allows Prosecution of Foreign Citizens on U.S. Soil

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