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Govern America | June 6, 2015 | A Devil's Choice

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

Gun grabbers attempt to shut down individual gun shops around the country. Ray Kurzweil, transhumanism and gene editing. Pentagon sends live anthrax through the mail. USA Freedom Act passes through Congress. Secret military drills continue, apparently throughout the country. Are they related to the Jade Helm 15 operation? New details in the CIA torture program, and more.


Show Notes

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Urban Warfare Training in Flint

Pentagon admits they 'accidentally' sent live anthrax to 51 different labs-and could find more as investigation continues



NSA surveillance bill passes after weeks-long showdown

Senate Bill passes to privatize surveillance

It’s official: the USA FREEDOM Act is just a destructive as the USA PATRIOT Act

Senate Roll Call Vote on NSA Surveillance

Police state government to start surveilling your poop in real time for illicit drug use

3,700 illegal immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ criminals released into U.S. by “Homeland Security”

Detainee alleges CIA sexual abuse, torture beyond Senate findings


Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide

Bizarre “Masonic Police Force” Uncovered in Los Angeles

Jury convicts couple of plotting terrorist attack at B.C. legislature; Jury not allowed to hear entrapment argument

FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

FBI using fake companies to run its own air force

FBI: ISIS poses 'near-term' threat to U.S. military bases; personnel warned of insider attacks

FBI says privacy must take backseat to national security in online fight against ISIS

How the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq


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