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Govern America | April 25, 2015 | Climate Wiggles

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant


Bird Flu is back with outbreaks in Iowa and Minnesota. New incident brewing in Oregon between the American people and the Bureau of Land Management. Will these clashes become more frequent? Is this a sign that the American people are getting fed up with the bullies? Organization of American States recently held a meeting in South America on hemispheric cooperation on police training, police management, social transformations, and community policing. Wood stoves are under fire. We discuss carbon sequestration and the future of gardening. Duke University has a new study on Global Warming. The USDA has a new "climate mitigation" plan. Obama has a new push for Fast Track Authority and so-called "Free-Trade" agreements. We lay out some details from the investment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership with an emphasis on international tribunals and schemes which are connected with the World Bank.


Show Notes

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3rd bird flu outbreak hits 34,000 Iowa turkeys

Minnesota declares state of emergency over bird flu




Oregon mine that summoned armed guards in land dispute files appeal


Tension Between BLM and Mining Operation, Oath Keepers Set Up Camp



Armed Oregon protesters gather at Bureau of Land Management office over mine dispute, report says

Proposed Public Land Transfer Denounced by Recreation Businesses



Alaska Miners Dispute Claim That ‘Much’ Of Alaska’s Federal Lands Are Open To Mining

Our climate models are WRONG: Global warming has slowed - and recent changes are down to ‘natural variability’, says study

Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering

USDA lays out broad climate change mitigation plan

Feds plan to improve resilience of four regions around US to impacts from climate change

Bonfire of Insanities: Solar Panels Start Fire at Green Party-Run Hove Town Hall

Bay Area Air Quality Management District Seeking to Ban Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Air regulators ban "visible chimney smoke" from woodstoves in Eugene area

Utah: Proposed wood burning ban sparks controversy

New Jersey privatizes its water in the worst way possible

Texas introduces statewide “marketing and conveyance grid” water bill

Colorado House votes to end unique ban on rain barrels

China to quadruple ocean desalination for fresh water by 2020

Heinrich proposes feds have final say over power lines

52 Congress members sign letter warning of GMOs killing monarch butterflies

W.H.O. Report Links Ingredient in Roundup to Cancer

Next-generation GMOs: Pink pineapples and purple tomatoes

GMO labeling bill filed in Texas

GMO labeling bill stalls amid interagency, committee tussle

Students rip school lunches: #ThanksMichelleObama ‘for screwing us out of a good meal’

Unemployment numbers

Starbucks: Registers down at many US, Canada stores; shops stay open

House panel passes fast track trade bill

Establishment GOP Plots to Empower Obama on “Progressive” Trade

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter


Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Wikipedia — Investor-state dispute settlement

Leak of Secret Trade Doc Reveals Sovereignty-destroying Courts

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