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Govern America | April 11, 2015 | Everything That Can Be Shaken, Will Be Shaken

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant

New FBI terror "busts". Smart Meters being used as weapons against the population. The war on cash heats up. Obama has a "Joe Biden" moment, as Iran back peddles on alleged "deal". The Organization of American States meets in Panama, as Venezuela warns U.S. posturing for attack. Military veterans target drones, governments target "conspiracy theorists", Ukraine targets journalists, and the international bankers target the people's money. We've had victories in the area of gun control, vaccines, and homeowners association oppression — all proving the strength of the People when they rise up in great numbers.

Show Notes

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2 Kansas Men Charged in Suicide Attack Plot at Fort Riley

Vehicle sets off explosives alert at Mac Dill AFB gate

Smart Meters used to enforce water usage restrictions in Long Beach, California

Large Cash Transactions Banned In Mexico

France Plans To Prohibit Cash Payments Over €1,000

The Death Of Cash? All Over The World Governments Are Banning Large Cash Transactions

Louisiana House Bill 195 Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions

Obama's "Joe Biden" moment: Defends Iran nuke "deal" by laying out how Iran could get the bomb

State Dept Clarifies Obama’s 'Muddled' Words on Iran Nuclear Breakout Time


Iran: New Nuke Deal Is ‘Not Acceptable’

OAS summit sets the ground for ready for Latin America’s Integration

The Future of the Organization of American States at a Transitional Moment

Obama hints at Cuba breakthrough as he flies south for Raúl Castro meeting

Britain and Canada Involved in Foiled US Venezuelan Coup Plot

Venezuela opposition urges release of mayor accused of conspiring

Venezuella warns Organization of American States on U.S. aggression

Venezuela: A Threat to US National Security? An Absurd Political Pronouncement

Military Veterans Target US Drone Strikes in TV Ads

Know Drones: Drone Operators... Please Refuse to Fly!

French government preparing to outlaw ‘conspiracy theories’

Man arrested after calling Sandy Hook shooting fake (Government making an example of people for daring to ask questions)

Obama loses another Second Amendment battle as ATF drops proposed ammo ban
(Demonstration of what We The People CAN do if we get together in great numbers!)


Less Lethal Specialty Munitions

NC bill eliminating religious exemption for mandatory vaccines KILLED by The People

Girl Battling Cancer to Get Playhouse After Missouri Homeowners Association Reverses Its Decision

Boston Bombing Verdict

Ukraine's 'Ministry of Truth' Wants 15-Year Prison Terms for Journalists

Ukraine pulls broadcast license of Euronews after Ukrainian oligarch who favors Moscow bought it

Pentagon drops grisly leaflets in Syria

$1 billion disappears -- and Moldova looks for answers



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