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Govern America | December 5, 2020 | Chain of Custody

From Josef Mengele to Bill Gates: Eugenicists war against humanity has been ongoing for generations. 


Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

Vicky's Websites:,

Conservatives calling for martial law to save the republic. Should we really suspend the Constitution in order to save it? Was the FBI reputation deliberately damaged in order to facilitate its privatization? William Barr reveals himself as a turncoat on the election. Why is "conservative" Newmax founder, Chris Ruddy,  giving tons of money to liberal democrat candidates — including $1 million to the Clinton Foundation? The threat of communist Chinese "super soldiers", and the Chinese are building a massive DNA database for the purpose of targeted bioweapons, according to U.S. officials. But what about the United States' research into this area? And why are the neocons and establishment media  suddenly savvy to the Chinese threat, after years of building them up?



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This is the link with the letter from Willard Garvey to President Ronald Reagan

1988 Report of the President's Commission on Privatization

Transforming Government Through Privatization

Here is an article I wrote about Libertarians and the part they played in privatization:


Here is the link to the Valutainment video that I mentioned. The man being interviewed was a cop not by choice but by necessity because of the economy.

Cartel Corruption Explained by Mexican Crime Expert - Ed Calderon





Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud

Crossfire Hurricane Hearing

SIMPLY SHOCKING: Republican-Led US Senate’s First Major Legislation After 2020 Election Is to Appease Big Tech

The strange philanthropy of Chris Ruddy: Conservative newsman pledges $1M to Clintons

Chris Ruddy of Newsmax Pledged $1M to Clinton Foundation

Other Chris Ruddy / Newsmax Contributions




Michael Flynn, Newly Pardoned, Calls for Trump to ‘Temporarily Suspend the Constitution’ and Impose Martial Law

Exercising Extraordinary Authority in Defense of Our Vote May be Required because Martial Law is better than Civil War

Weeks' Twitter thread, dealing with call for martial law

Survey finds race- and sex-based harassment 'common' at FEMA (article was mysteriously deleted from Washington Times site)





China is collecting the world’s DNA and the reason is sinister: Gordon Chang

DNI John Ratcliffe says China running operation to influence US lawmakers

China Supersoldiers








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