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Govern America | June 2, 2018 | Chasing Shadows

Al Gore peaks out from behind an overflowing low flush toilet with a plunger sticking out of it. The words "Green O' Matic" appear on the lid.


Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Border crossings continue, despite purported efforts at enforcement. Why are the hands of the National Guard being tied along the U.S.-Mexican border. Are efforts to crack down really just for show? Wildlife under/overpasses continue to be built, in accordance with Agenda 21. Low-flow toilets continue to cause plumbing problems. Crypto currencies, Bitcoin, smart meters, the 5G roll-out, radio frequency hyper-sensitivity, and the issue of privacy. The Communist Chinese want to build a pipeline across Alaska. Why allow foreigners to exploit the resources that the American people own and need? Trump slaps tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and European countries. Does he have the authority to do this? The difference between "protectionism" and "isolationism". More on the Trump administration pullout of Iran. As the European Union works with Iran to keep the nuclear deal alive, is the United States becoming irrelevant on a global stage? Is the U.S. being isolated from its allies? If so, what will the long-term effects be? The role of Peter Thiel and Palantir in the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Iran nuclear agreement, and in U.S. cities and fusion centers. A new program exists in West Sacramento, called "Zen City", monitors residents social media posts. The Google/Alphabet role in Project Maven, and the conscience of company employees. Inland ports, international zones, port authorities, kleptocrats and their foundations, the "Know Your Customer" law, and several phone calls throughout the show.



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