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Govern America | January 6, 2018 | So Much Corruption, So Little Time

Capitol building in a garbage dump with large rodents around it.



Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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Chelsea Clinton's new year wish. Infighting in the swamp. Is the Trump / Bannon feud a well-played take-down? Who is Michael Wolff and why is everyone believing him? What about the other administration officials who are being taken down? We connect dots on the Magnitsky Act, Ukraine, Paul Manafort, the FBI, Fusion GPS and more. Several more investigations launched by the GOP. When will the investigations end, and the Grand Juries commence? Also, deep cold sweeps the nation. Cold is weather; heat is climate change? Weather modification, geoengineering and natural cycles. The high cost of the global warming fraud. Nature is so fragile and pristine that it wants you dead. User fees for electricity. Alleged chocolate shortage, and the push to edit plant genes. How long will it be before there is nothing natural left on the planet? What will the end result be of genetic modifications performed for commercial patent purposes? Wars, drones, and slaughter bots. What role will Artificial Intelligence play in warfare, terrorism, and domestic targeted assassinations? The Pentagon has so many troops, scattered around the world, that they can't keep track of them. Where are the trillions of dollars that continue to go missing from the Defense budget? Phone calls and more.


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"News" Site Vicky referenced on the show. They had their kickoff on C-Span. JPMorgan was one of their "launch partners". They are very well-funded.





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