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Govern America | December 30, 2017 | Pod People

Dilapidated living room with TV that shows chart with upward trend, and the word "prosperity". 



Hosts: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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International Migrants Day is observed by the Organization of American States. Agenda 21, data points, behavioral modification meters, MIT studies, and the prison planet. Tracking from farm to table, and cradle to grave. Cybersecurity and the smart grid. Wifi and white spaces. The weaponization of household appliances and the end of all private ownership. Will your dinner plate report you? Brain-computer interfaces, and gadgets that read your mind and respond accordingly. Will your smart bathroom ask you about your "experience"? Follow up discussion on the recent train derailment in Washington state. Disaster preparedness drill taking place at the time of the incident. Gun control by mental evaluation. Bundy trial follow-up and prosecutorial misconduct. Nearly 7,000 store closure announcements made in 2017, as the global economy roars along. Homelessness rampant in LA, as foreign papers question why so many Americans are living in poverty. Was crypto currency developed by government agency? Was Bitcoin a test run for the cashless society? NSA outlined how crypto currency would work years ago. Education secretary Betsy DeVos brings together entrepreneurs to "rethink" education. Phone calls.


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Show Notes

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• Anti Corporation Christmas Music TeknoAxe
• Euphorium Celebration TeknoAxe
• Charlie Brown Walks Home in the Snow TeknoAxe
• Obligatory Christmas Rabbit TeknoAxe

News Sting —Kevin MacLeod (
• Future Revelations TeknoAxe
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Executive Order #13132 (mentioned by caller Darryl)

DuPont Mayor confirms ‘mass casualty incident’ training was underway when Amtrak derailment occurred (Referenced by caller Jenna in Washington state)


DuPont Mayor confirms ‘mass casualty incident’ training was underway when Amtrak derailment occurred (Sent in by Casey in Idaho)

Mass Casulty Training Incident at AmTrak Derailment (Clean version of the above clip)

Casey also re-streamed the show — thanks to all of our friends who rebroadcast the show and help spread the word!


Dr. Strangelove (Sent in by Harvey in Florida)

FirstNet (Link from the chat room)


Free Schaeffer Cox (Link from the chat room)


John Maynard Keynes and Economic Fascism (Link from the chat room)


Invisible Serfs Collar (Submitted by Lark in Texas)


U.S. Military Document on Meme Warfare: Memetics — A Growth Industry in U.S. Military Operations, 2006


Memetics Video About the Above Document (from the chat room)


Gov't employee brags about stealing land (from the chat room)


IDENTIFIED: Federal Employees Bragging of Stealing Land







OAS Permanent Council Celebrates International Anti-Corruption Day and International Migrants Day

OAS and IOM Launch Campaign “Migrants Count in the Americas”

Committee on Hemispheric Security

Inter-American Convention on Transparency in Conventional Weapon Acquisition





Unsealed motions in NV Bundy case detail prosecution's violations

Bob Barr: Trump Should Order Sessions to Drop Bundy Prosecution





Store Closures Rise 200% In 2017, More Coming In 2018

Welcome to Skid Row 2017: Shocking scale of homelessness in downtown LA is exposed in footage showing sidewalks lined with dozens of tents in deprived area where 20,000 people live on the streets

41m Americans are living in poverty

World's richest 500 see their wealth increase by $1tn this year

Do Banking Giants Have a New Digital Currency in Crypto-Verse? A Closer Look into the ‘Utility Settlement Coin’

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

Bitcoin is big. But fedcoin is bigger.





Border Patrol Agent Shot in Texas by Gunman in Mexico, Say Feds

Could Texas' Big Bend be the border's weakest link? Smuggling of drugs and immigrants is on the rise

DHS Announces Program to ILLEGALLY Scan Our Faces—And They’re Forcing Us to Pay For It

Georgetown Center on Privacy & Technology: Study on Facescans at Airport Departure Gates

FCC creates national Blue Alert system just in time for the holidays





K-12 Education Innovation Summit — Part 1


K-12 Education Innovation Summit — Part 2





Electronic energy meters' false readings almost six times higher than actual energy consumption (Link to actual study is below)


University of Twente & Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Study on Inaccuracies of Smart Meters Due to Atmospheric Noise (Referenced by Darren, although mistakenly as a MIT study.)!/2017/3/313543/electronic-energy-meters-false-readings-almost-six-times-higher-than-actual-energy-consumption



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