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Govern America | January 7, 2017 | To Make Regular



Host: Vicky Davis, Darren Weeks

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A new year and a new mass shooting. We examine the Fort Lauderdale airport incident. When self defense is a crime. Insane government regulations and laws. California hires Holder. Hollywood is now free to hire child hookers. Obama's DHS moves to steal election sovereignty from the states. Trump moves against Ford and Toyota relocation to Mexico as the White House takes credit. Obama's real job legacy: Record 95,102,000 Americans not in labor force. The Washington Post's fake news fit targets the U.S. electric grid. China launches a new propaganda network. The U.S. government launches a new propaganda office. Also, “trespass cattle”, new monument designations, old word definitions, and listener phone calls.


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Show Notes

Note: Original links may degrade over time. Includes a few items we didn't get to during the show.


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Markle —Advancing America's "Future"


Transportation Treason Vicky Davis


State of Oklahoma Gives VPN Access to Foreign Company with System Developed by Communist Chinese (Referenced by Vicky during the show)



CBS News: Airport shooter Santiago-Ruiz told FBI 'his mind was controlled by CIA' and he was forced to watch ISIS videos, fight for terror army

Police: Suspected Gunman Got Into An Argument During Flight

  • Military background — carrying military ID
  • History of contact with feds — Homeland Security investigation for child porn (forced to comply with plot?)
  • Claimed CIA was mind-controlling him
  • Sent to psychiatric facility which means psychotropic medication
  • 13 hit (same # as Columbine, many other incidents)
  • 2nd shooter reported, then dismissed (also a frequent pattern)

Chris Matthews Blames Cites Our 'Free Society' As Problem Causing Shootings

Congress Proposes Body Armor Ban

Customs Computers Down Three Days Prior to Shooting





Obama unleashes 3,853 regs, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tape

FBI Dismisses Child Porn Prosecution After Refusing To Hand Over Details On Its Hacking Tool

California Democrats Decriminalize Under Age Prostitution

New child prostitution law creates pedophiles’ paradise in California

California Has Hired Eric Holder to Defend Against Trump

DHS Designates Election Infrastructure as a Critical Infrastructure




Scuttled Ford plant has Mexico fearing more under Trump

W.H. Takes Credit for Ford Scrapping Mexico Plant, Creating 700 New Jobs in the U.S.


Record 95,102,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Up 18% Since Obama Took Office

Trump takes aim at Toyota 


Trump Orders Obama’s Ambassadors to Resign by January 20th





Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say

Russian government hackers do not appear to have targeted Vermont utility, say people close to investigation


Who are the real purveyors of fake news?

Snopes Conveniently Silent on WaPost’s Dangerous Fake Story About Russia Hacking US Power Grid

Washington Post, its new owner, and the CIA: joined at the hip

FAKE NEWS ALEPPO: Egyptian filmmaker charged with spreading false news on Syrian war

China Launches New Propaganda Network

‘Fake News’ Causing Populism, Must be Censored, Says Italy’s Antitrust Chief

New law signed by Obama targets independent media outlets, websites, for elimination under NDAA

Ben Swann on U.S. Government's New 'Ministry of Truth'

The Coming Crackdown On Free Speech

Dan Rather teaching ‘Truth in the News’ course

Snopes Conveniently Silent on WaPost’s Dangerous Fake Story About Russia Hacking US Power Grid

Washington Post, its new owner, and the CIA: joined at the hip






 BLM Document on Impacts of Trespass Cattle (pdf)

Bill to Get U.S. Out of UN Introduced in New Congress

Bears Ears and Gold Butte: Obama creates two nature preserves

Lame Duck Obama Grabs More Land and Power

Congressman Jason Chaffetz Complains of 'terribly arrogant' Obama taking 1.35 million acres of Utah's land by decree (Yet, it is within Congress' ability to repeal the Antiquities Act. Why don't they do it?)

Utah attorney general to sue over monument (Suing the federal government in their own courts? Another "dead end" direction.)

Backers of state control of US land gear up for new push

Tugwell: Government Will Control All Land

Impact of Bears Ears Monument Designation Upon Locals

False Claims of Looting and Vandalism the Foundation of Bears Ears Monument Designation?

Owyhee Canyonlands’ fate remains unclear

Obama’s public lands policy leaves legacy of conflict; Push to control private lands at odds with locals





Communitarianism: First Things First Lark in Texas



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