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Govern America | February 13, 2016 | Beware of Experts

Host: Darren Weeks

3rd Hour Guest: Jim Beers, whistleblower and 30+ year veteran of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


We go into the Zika virus scare that has been captivating the mainstream headlines. Is the Zika virus really a threat? A genuine pandemic in the making? Or is it much like the bird flu and ebola scares of recent years? Why is there talk of "door to door" visits to fight the pandemic? Now that the Malheur standoff ended peacefully, what's next? The Justice Department wants to crack down on patriot groups. The UK "snoopers' charter" bill is facing opposition — and for good reason. Why does it sound an awful lot like what was passed in the United States? Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, makes a startling admission about the Internet of Things, which confirms that the "conspiracy theorists" were right yet again. Police are using "threat scores" to rate Americans, which sounds an awful lot like the communist China system of social scoring. We take phone calls and bring on Jim Beers in the final hour to discuss his experiences with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, panthers, wolves, and more.


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Show Notes

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Imaging EFX by Kenny's Voice, Licenced Under CC-BY 3.0


'Guerrilla warfare house-to-house method' needed to fight Zika in USA…

Zika freaka: the other shoe drops: lying about case numbers

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation Ends

Live Stream from FBI siege at Refuge
(WARNING: Graphic language)



Oregon refuge searched for evidence, explosives after occupiers leave

FBI Press Conference — Post Refuge Surrender

The Biggest Question We’re Still Asking About the Oregon ‘Occupation’: What’s Happening to Our Country

U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists

The Department of Justice Prepares to Step up War on Domestic Extremists

UK surveillance bill condemned by a Parliamentary committee, for the third time

US might use household web devices to spy on people


Global Threats:  James Clapper — Senate Armed Services Committee — February 9, 2016

Intel Chief Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: Home Smart Devices Are Ideal for Spying on You

The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

Why We All Should Be Concerned Over “Citizen Rankings” and How Scores are Calculated

Observations from Southern Florida – Panthers, Bureaucrats & Pandering Politicians —Jim Beers

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