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Govern America | January 2, 2016 | The Fictional Nature of Reality

Host: Darren Weeks


Constitution vs. empire. Globalism vs. nationalism. Reality vs. fiction. We examine the United Nations resolution on Syria and the surrounding comments of the officials. We examine the Syrian Support Groups, both legacy and international. We take a look at the Center for a New American Security, a public policy think tank, and its connections with the military industrial complex, the banking and tech industries, and government agencies. Severe weather strikes the country again this week. Tod Koppel makes the rounds promoting his book on the potential of a power grid take-down. More media propaganda promoting bugs for human consumption, as ranchers and food producers are arrested as terrorists. Suit filed for more endangered species "protection". Sandy Hook "victim" payoffs continue, and more.


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Show Notes

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Can the Constitution Govern America's Sprawling Empire?

Why globalisers still retain the upper hand

Syrian Support Group

Al Qaeda Joining In With Western-Backed Free Syrian Army, Supported By SSG

Missteps by Rebels Erode Their Support Among Syrians

International Syria Support Group (IISG)

Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2254 (2015), Endorsing Road Map for Peace Process in Syria, Setting Timetable for Talks

Center for a New American Security

CNAS — Board of Directors

CNAS — Directors Emeriti

CNAS — Honor Roll of Contributors

New Mexico works to unbury after record snow storm that trapped couple, suspended newspapers

19 levees in Illinois, Missouri monitored for flooding

Republicans split on attacking climate science

UN Chief Praises America’s Greatest Environmentalist: George W. Bush

Study Claims Global Warming Is Killing All The Christmas Trees

A changing climate means a changing menu

SHOWDOWN: Militiamen gather to prevent jailing of ranchers

More Ranchers Sue Feds Over Spread Of 2013 Prescribed Burn

Top 11 Problems Plaguing Solar And Wind Power

Conservationists Seek Protection for Yellow-Legged Frogs

Little Spider Leads to Big Legal Fight in Texas

WARNING: Electric grid, air traffic control, dams the next terror targets

The White House is prepping for a huge solar storm that could kick us back into the Dark Ages

Looming Threat of Extreme Solar Storms Prompts White House Response

Can Cyber Hackers Shut Down the Power Grid — CBS News

In the dark over power grid security

Ted Koppel Interview With Gwen Ifill — PBS Newshour

The White House has a plan in case a solar storm wipes out our technology

Mass immigration is on the verge of DESTROYING Europe, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY

Sandy Hook victims to share $1.5 million from shooter’s mother’s estate

Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

Judicial Watch: Secret Service Expenses for Obama’s 2013 Hawaii Christmas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $316,698.03, Taxpayers Paid Over $8 Million for 17-Day Vacation

Feds will ring in 2016 buried in debt of $58,000 per person

Obama's 2016 world tour

A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin

Micro apartments as small as 150 square feet NW Portland

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