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Govern America | November 29, 2014 | Pressure from Above, Pressure from Below

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant


Whack Friday, animals, and cages. American spring, or tumble to tyranny? From Ferguson to the rest of the nation, the origins of the violence, destruction, and all-out unrest. Billions more requested to "fight" Ebola, boost nuclear weapons infrastructure, provide SMART bombs to Israel, and money for businesses to hire illegals — all after Obama cut food stamps to a hungry, unemployed America. Follow-up to a number of other items, and phone calls in the final hour.


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Show Notes

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  • Shoppers Brawl Over Barbie Doll at Wal-Mart [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Black Friday Shopping Leads to Scuffles and Fights; Cops Pry Women Off of TVs [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Shoppers Literally Stealing Items from Other People's Carts; Man Tries to Wrestle Away Home Theater System [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Brawls Hit UK; Fights Break Out After Shoppers Queue All Night for Bargains [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Women Fight Over Cheap Panties [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • British Counter-Terrorism Bill: What It Contains [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • NYU Exploits Interns as Cheap Labor for Startups [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED] 
  • Why Marxism is on the rise again [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Obama met with protesters, told them to ‘stay on course’ [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED] 
  • Ferguson violence broke the mold in three ways — one of which is just unfolding now [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Activists point to outside agitators to blame for Ferguson violence [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Claire McCaskill: Protests were 'invaded' [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • The Outside Agitator; Saul Alinsky explains Community Organizing [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]

  • Hillary Clinton's Senior Thesis on Saul Alinsky: 'There Is Only The Fight...' (pdf format)
  • What The Heck Is The 'Revolutionary Communist Party' Doing In Ferguson? [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Revolutionary Communist Party [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED PDF]
  • Cornel West involved with RCP - prominent member of Democratic Socialists of America [Wikipedia | ARCHIVED]
  • Revolutionary Communist Party, USA Linked to Pro-Amnesty Protests at Murrieta  [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Ferguson: Who are the outside agitators entering the fray? [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Ferguson protesters bring their message to Black Friday sales [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Ferguson National Response Network [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Red Snare: Behind the Trayvon Martin Protests Is a 70-Year-Old White Communist [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Obama calls on lame-duck Congress to approve Ebola funding [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Ebola amnesty? Obama quietly extends immigration protection order [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Internal memo pushes bringing non-citizens to US for Ebola treatment; State denies plan [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Businesses to receive incentive for hiring illegal immigrants, report says [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • US to increase nuclear weapons spending – Pentagon [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • President Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Snyder goes to China as Chinese eye Michigan real estate [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • FAIL: With a Pathetic 11% Approval Rating, a Whopping 96% of Congress was Re-Elected [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Bing Now Lets You Search By Emoji [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Microsoft partners with Chicago Public Schools and Mayor Emanuel to create an Early College STEM School [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • House GOP passes bill allowing corporate-linked experts to advise EPA [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]
  • Red Cross 'used Hurricane Sandy and Isaac disasters as photo op [ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED]


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