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Govern America | October 11, 2014 | High Velocity Projectiles & the Global Health Infrastructure

Host: Darren Weeks

Due to our inability to stay connected with the network for this show, this edition of the broadcast is Internet exclusive and commercial free! Global Warming goons are back, beating the familiar alarmist drums. Russia deploying nukes to Crimea, as they urge for human rights investigation into violations in Ukraine. Is the Hong Kong uprising created in retaliation for China's challenge to U.S. dollar hegemony? The U.S. and Britain having drills, simulating a big banking collapse. Mexican consulate's involvement in U.S. domestic affairs: a sign of NAFTA and the North American Union is a done deal? Hillary Clinton's 2012 trip to Africa draws parallels between the African Union and the union of the Americas. Could globalist plans to develop Africa have anything to do with the current Ebola outbreak in the U.S.?


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Show Notes(Note: Outgoing links may degrade over time. Therefore, whenever possible, we also present the original link, followed by an archived copy in case the original is modified or removed.)


Obama Regime And Their Wind Power Claims Are Full Of Hot Air (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Alarmist Paul Ehrlich Predicts Need to ‘Eat the Bodies of Your Dead’ (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Hurricane season one of weakest in decades(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

‘Doing an IRS’? EPA can’t find top official’s text messages(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)


Russia Deploying Tactical Nuclear Arms in Crimea (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Russia to urge world’s parliaments to probe war crimes in Ukraine (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

In battle to stop encroaching Chinese rule, protesters in Hong Kong ready for long haul(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

China Just Overtook The USA as The World's Largest Economy(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

China currency push takes aim at dollar(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Energy Boom Ends Causing Economic Panic in Alaska(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Mexican Gov't Paying to Help Shield Illegal Immigrants in the U.S. from Deportation(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

The Mexicanization Of Wisconsin, A Non-Southwestern State (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Mexican horror story: Cops suspect 43 missing students found in mass graves (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

NM Mayor: 'All of A Sudden' Fed Gov Releasing Illegal Immigrants at 4-to-1 Ratio (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

ATTKISSON: Polio-like illness linked to immigrant children? (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)


U.S. and UK to test big bank collapse in joint model run (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Dam breaks in Europe as deflation fears wash over ECB rhetoric (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

World Bank issues dire warning about Ebola's economic impact (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

What Ebola Can Teach Us (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Three Forlorn Presidents Bring Ebola Wish List To The World Bank(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Speech by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim: “Tackling the Most Difficult Problems: Infrastructure, Ebola and Climate Change” (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Younger Barbara Bush Looks to Global Health (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Establishing a Comprehensive Approach to Expanding Sub-Saharan Africa's Capacity for Trade and Investment(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Hillary Clinton Speech - Going Global: the U.S.-South Africa Partnership, August 8, 2012

British Army holding drills where military medics will treat simulated casualties in make-up (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Ebola prep in U.S. includes actors testing hospitals, ambulances carrying plastic(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

U.S. troops set up at first Ebola field hospital in Liberia and start with a barbed wire perimeter (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses as Biological Weapons - 2002 American Medical Association Consensus Statement - pdf format(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

AFRICOM Clarifies: Some U.S. Military Personnel Will Be Testing Lab Samples, Not Patients, in Liberia(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)
Family of dead US Ebola patient questions Dallas hospital care(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Connecticut health department gets power to quarantine possible Ebola victims (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Connecticut Declares Ebola A Public Health Emergency, Allows Quarantines(ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

Protein Sciences (a Connecticut company) Expects To Begin Testing Ebola Vaccine (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)

As Ebola spreads, drug companies race to develop treatments (ORIGINAL | ARCHIVED)



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