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The So-Called Investigation of Extortion 17

 The So-Called Hearing/Investigation


                  into Extortion 17


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 After 2+1/2 long years, the families of 22 SEAL TEAM members, 8 Army Special Ops and National Guard soldiers and 1 loyal dog, finally got the congressional hearing they had been pleading for. 


Their son’s Chinook helicopter was shot down in the Tangi Valley in Afghanistan under very suspicious circumstances in Aug 2011. It was the biggest one time loss ever in the history of SEAL Special Operations, and during the entire Middle East war on terror.

OF COURSE, this critical hearing wasn’t allowed to appear on the normal C-span channels on their sacred cow, the TELEVISION set. That tells you right there, they do NOT want the general public to know about this. It shows desperation to hide severe incompetence, wanton negligence, or more likely a crime.

They will never let just ANY question be asked. They must be able to control the answer. This “hearing” was wrapped tighter than a drum and scripted down to the last crocodile tear. In fact, at the last minute they changed the description of the hearing to “Honoring the Heroes of Extortion 17”, as if no one had done that since they had died. Surely you are not shocked that family members were not allowed to speak or ask questions, as was originally promised!

THEY chose the questions to be asked based on THEIR judgment of what might be ‘too sensitive’ for the families THEY said ‘didn’t want a hearing’. So, ‘sensitive’ issues were not discussed.

I’d love to know how many didn’t want a hearing, or was it just that they had no money to go to DC for the hearing because of the purposeful destruction of our economy? Anyway, THEY claimed this lame excuse as a reason to avoid all kinds of uncomfortable facts. One of the ‘representatives’ even implied that perhaps the families had not handled their grief properly, and this is why they still had questions!!  And, it was carefully planned they would not get any answers on this day either.

The panel to be questioned consisted of one Pentagon bureaucrat, a deputy assistant secretary DoD Special Ops, and four people from Casualty and Mortuary Affairs and services, from each branch of the military. (ironically, one of the big questions the families have, that did NOT get answered, is why some of their sons were cremated without permission, when according to autopsy reports, it was NOT necessary!)  They were told that every person on the flight had been burned beyond recognition, and had to be cremated.

There were no follow up questions, or challenges to obviously false, fabricated, prevaricated, deceiving, distorted and untrue statements.

To bolster up the lie the investigators told the families, that a flash flood washed away the helo’s black box recorder, the Pentagon answer man showed a photo with no surrounding context, which could have been taken outside a leaking industrial plant in the backwoods of Cleveland, OH. Didn’t anyone ever show these clowns how to google the term “precipitation for the month of Aug 2011 Kabul, Afghanistan”?? Not a drop of rain fell that entire month!

Much time was wasted. No one cared about THEIR pontificating but they did it anyway. One bat-shit crazy congresswoman even told us her favorite movie was about a fallen war hero, and how her husband went to high school with one of the actors, blah, blah, blah. She kept smiling a creepy smile. I was waiting for her to ask each person in the room what THEIR favorite movie was! Who paid HER???? OMG!! Who voted for this freaky person???

MORE time was wasted, repeatedly praising and thanking EACH OTHER for doing such a good (snow) job.

Not a peep about Uncle blow bag Joe Biden, or Take the Blame Pinetta announcing, with accompanying bugles, who the heroes were that killed (Dead Man) Osama Bin Laden! These lame excuses for manhood blabbed and bragged as if THEY themselves deserved the praise for the TOP SECRET operation. Now the SEALs had a target on their back. They KNEW they were compromised and at high risk for death thanks to our distinguished statesmen at the top of the DC stench pile. Funny how SOME classified information (Special Ops operations) so easily comes our way!


No talk about the condition/age of the Chinook, only whether it was the right choice for the mission. And guess what? No problem…it’s a perfectly good unit for that elevation!

He also stated that this SEAL team was on ‘standby’ every third night, as if they always traveled by Chinook and it was a normal thing. NO, IT WASN’T! This elite top fighting force never traveled for business in giant jalopies built in the 1960’s.  And they were not normally on a stand- by rotation.  That's why they are called SPECIAL OPS.

Then, after showing us the photo with some water in it, proceeds to tell us that there are no black boxes in that type helicopter because the technology in them is too old for the new digital black boxes. I guess they don’t care enough about our soldiers to follow that trickle of water to the end and pick up the non-existing black box flight recorder.

No mention of having TWENTY TWO SEALs (not to mention millions and millions in training invested) in one helo, all to go down with one “lucky shot”, as the investigator described it.

One of the big mysteries of the whole affair was when 8 Afghan soldiers who are (supposedly) fighting along with the Americans these days, got off the helo at the last minute and were changed out for 8 different Afghani men at the last minute. The manifest was never changed and even the support on the ground had no idea who they were or that there was a switch. The answer man at the hearing told us that there were 2 Afghan teams, one for Army and one for Navy that would rotate, and they had simply gotten mixed up. Well, weren’t the Army ones already out on the battlefield when the Navy SEALs came in later to help? And why didn’t they know the names of the ‘other Afghan commando team’?

Afghan officials told investigators they had even called the families of the original 8 Afghans to advise of their death, then had to call them back to retract that terrible news. They said they had no idea who those other Afghanis were. Lies upon lies upon lies! This committee knew the still bereaved families had the investigation report about that item, but still they LIED! No wonder the loved ones of these brave men can’t get closure!

They said they studied the investigation report. I’m sure they did! They did their homework well. However, the original investigator never talked to the same soldier that the father of one of the SEALs did. He was a buddy serving with his son. He asked him how often they call in the SEAL teams to help in this type of battlefield situation. The kid told him “never”.   As hard as the congressmen tried to make it sound like everything that night was normal and routine, IT WAS NOT!  In fact, nothing about that mission resembled the stringent planning, protocol, or the discipline of a SEAL team assignment. The SEALs don’t compromise, even when a deployment is “rushed” as the military and government claimed it was.  It was later related to some family members that there was no 'emergency', that the Army Rangers were not in trouble and in need of help that night.  So IF haste makes waste in the case of Extortion 17, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?

This “investigation”, turned “hearing”, turned gathering "to honor”, was just another in the endless line of Congressional dog and pony shows. Another display of sweeping crimes under the rug so that everyone can keep their punch bowl topped off and their wallets full.

Now, the families of 30 fallen heroes have to go home and face the realization that their sons, who while alive, were a highly valued asset to their country, have now, in death, just been kicked to the curb. No wonder our soldiers and veterans are committing suicide in numbers beyond imagination. Nothing hurts more than betrayal.




Miss American is an American patriot who writes about things that symbolize the decay and downfall of our society, created by the powers that be. The elite have torn our society, land, and planet asunder, and they will not stop until there is nothing left.



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Published Feb. 28, 2014{jcomments on}





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