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Where's MY Monopoly Money?

Where is MY Monopoly Money??

Miss American
By Miss American


Have you ever wondered where all the money is coming from for all the government operations that benefit only the government? I always hear people say they are using or spending “our hard earned tax dollars” for such and such, or this and that, and we get the leftover crumbs. If you give it just a little realistic thought, you can only conclude that what we contribute is a drop in the bucket compared to the gargantuan bloated Federal Government’s budget. I suspect that even the amount they tell us we borrow every year, the money that gets added to our total national debt, doesn’t even come close to what is really being spent.


How can it be that while there is close to 24% ‘real’ unemployment, and the country, indeed the world, is in a serious depression and the country is broke, there seems to be no end to the money that is available for all manner of projects and endeavors.  Banking bail outs, extremely expensive war ventures, food stamps for 50 million people, unemployment, Medicaid, and disability payments, farm and oil co. subsidies, an unimaginably huge (and growing) homeland security and surveillance system, a whole new wireless very ‘Smart’ electrical grid overlay, the massive de-population operation (geo-engineering) of thousands of planes spraying who-knows-what in the sky, day after day in our country and worldwide, and a bevy of new nuclear plants??  Think that over!

 But I’ve only named a handful of the expenses. Let’s not forget the monstrous costs of Medicare and Social Security. You know, (the demonized by the rich guys in congress) ‘entitlements’ we pay people who are ENTITLED to them because they paid into those programs all their working lives. 

Just the price to maintain our military bases around the world, and the inflated cost of hiring thousands of private military contractors probably dwarfs what we pay in taxes! There are also the many grants (bribes) and financial incentives to states, counties and cities to dismantle the United States and remake the country through the eyes of the elite, to conform to their U.N. treaty called Agenda 21. Gee, the Senate never even ratified that treaty as required by law! Oh, that’s right! They put the treaty in a special category so they could end run it around congress.

 We could have had a lot of help paying for all this from the very wealthy and the trans-national corporations who became successful because of our hard work, but the politicians took that money for themselves in exchange for writing lots of loopholes into the tax laws. A few years back the government decided to stop reporting the M3 money supply figures. The smart guys can still figure out approximately how much the Fed is printing, but they are still using figures the government reports for other things to do the calculations. Since nobody believes a bloody thing the government tells us anymore, who really knows how much money is being created for all their adventures? The way it looks to me is that we’d have to chop down every tree alive to actually create the paper it would take to pay for all of the above. I imagine Mr. Bernanke doing keystrokes in his dreams, and that he hires many more people to help him with the workload, like Santa’s helpers.

 I’m convinced that there is a s***load more ‘money’ in the system that is impossible to count. Trillions of fake dollars created from mere keystrokes. Just imagine: Banks around the world refusing to take ‘haircuts’ on fake imaginary money that cost them nothing to create and nothing to lend. Yet they want people and countries to pay back real money (created from real labor) with high interest because they were dumb enough to borrow air, er, I mean fake money created from air.

Isn’t it curious how there is unlimited fake money funds for what the banking cartel wants (control of the world and everyone in it), but nothing for the things they want to quietly destroy, like airline travel, the postal service, flooded out or drought stricken farmers, or hydro-electric dam refurbishing. Hey, what happened to Smart, Green and Clean energy fellows? You want to knock down the dams that provide one of the precious few clean, renewable, and SUSTAINABLE (your favorite word) energy sources we have?? Why is that? I guess that went by the wayside along with the ‘improved environment’ from the new Smart Grid, since that farce will fill our lives with dangerous radiation and dirty electricity. (Never fear though, maybe they’ll come out with a vaccine for slow electrocution and shredded up DNA one of these days!)

 What a clever scheme. Put the world under a jackboot, enslave generations to come with fake debt burden, force your control over the world, de-populate countries using someone else’s military, profit on every cent ever created, sit back and enjoy the world you inherited and rule, all from investing nothing but reams of thin air. Hey Ben, since you will only have to lift one little finger, how about throwing a billion my way?

Orig. published March 4, 2012

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