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Land of the Fleeced and Home of Our Early Grave

                  The Land of the Fleeced

           and the Home of our Early Grave

Miss American


 By Miss American

When did the USA turn so heartless, brutal, and sadistic? Why has the nation that was the envy of all peoples and a beacon of hope for the world, become one of the most hated, resented and feared entities on earth?  What happened?  Who is behind it?  Was it really this way all along?  If so, the world has been deluded for decades by satanic self-appointed  masters of the universe who took great delight in engineering a false world for the masses to wallow in.

Just when everyone felt safe and secure in their home, and in their children’s future (firmly under Satan’s matrix and boot, in reality), Satan and his helpers decided it was the perfect time to start amusing themselves by administering the shock treatments Americans ‘deserved’.  With no shame, and little cover, they started to show their hideous face.  It started with a ‘war on terror’, imaginary boogymen, protecting the ‘homeland’, the need to kill millions, and destroy entire countries.

While stuffing their pockets with billions, they told us it was to keep precious Americans ‘safe’.  

Sadly, 90% of the citizens were on board with this plan.  For them, anything ‘we’ did was fine, as long as it kept their mortgaged McMansions, remote controlled huge screen TVs, Lexus SUVs, and butter dipped lobsters safe from the menacing terrorists.  And for Americans who were not as fortunate as others, they vicariously gained a sense of strength from their Lazy Boy recliner and flag adorned ‘92 F-150s, as they watched America’s power and might decimate other unlucky populations.

Fast forward to today’s ‘Land of the free’? 

While artfully keeping the population from becoming too angry by manipulating the soldiers’ death toll, the stock market, gas prices, and making sure all the goodies stayed plentiful, they have successfully robbed America’s treasure blind and pillaged every last  one of our values and ideals.  Then, somewhere along the line, the demons decided to tell us that  Americans were the biggest threat to America.

Most people are blissfully unaware that their country and their own futures, are perilously close to being completely gone.  And, how dare anyone tell them anything other than what they wanted to believe!  In their chosen ignorant hubris, they followed the media’s propaganda system and called friends and family names like conspiracy nuts or truthers (as if truth was bad), or accused us of spouting ‘pessimism porn’.   But, for the people who have a healthy and intact survival instinct, the scam has been evident for over 10 years now.

We wonder what might have been if our fellow citizens had been on board with us a long time ago, and demanded that the madness stop!   For the aware among us, it has mostly been a long, lonely, depressing, winding road.  Very soon, one by one, the suckers will awaken from their slumber to the new America:  The Land of the Fleeced and the Home of our Early Grave.

Having watched while the deconstruction process unfolded, along with the brutal, heartless, and degrading treatment we are now subjected to, we wonder how it will all end.  Satan has put himself up on center stage now, for all to see.  He is taunting us to challenge him.   He has even been brave enough to take off his sheep’s mask and personally pound on the front door of millions of formerly compliant Joe six-packs.

What a rude awakening it will be for all the stubborn ostriches.  Their heads were buried while their butts were set afire.  Can you imagine what it would be like to learn of all the horror at once when their minds are finally forced open?

What?  You wanna take my 38 revolver?  What?  I have to buy ObamaHealthCare or the IRS comes after me?  What?  Is that a drone with a missile attached flying right over my house?   The incredulous question “what?” continues to reverberate each day. 


You are going to do WHAT????

  • You’re going to charge me for my formerly free well water?
  • I can’t plant my own food garden?
  • I have to move off my family farm because the government needs it for saving the purple spotted hedgehog?    I have to shoot my herd of cattle because their hair is not the right color?
  • I have to let the TSA shove a scummy gloved hand up my _____ , because I’m going to visit my grandma 10 miles down the road?
  • I have to take a weaponized vaccine to get a cast on my broken arm or my blood pressure pills?
  • I can never see my mother again because some rogue judge assigned a ‘professional guardian’ to steal her estate?
  • I’m going to jail because of this bucket I had under my rain spout?


What?  Bankers who have stolen mega trillions from the USA, and not a one of them have been jailed?

  •  CPS took my daughter from the school yard never to be seen again, because her shoes were scuffed (and the pedophiles will pay huge bucks)?
  • I’m not allowed to have my vitamins or organic milk because the FDA said they are bad for me?
  • You’re going to shut off my electric service if I don’t let you put a microwaving dangerous Smart Meter on my home’s electric panel, even though it will destroy my health?
  • Hey!  What’s that airplane spewing out right over my head?  I can’t breathe suddenly.
  • You’re going to take my car and make me ride a bicycle instead?
  • This corn-on-the-cob I love is full of pesticide genes and foreign DNA?
  • The wild horses out west went extinct?  How did that happen?
  • My son went to a therapist who gave him a pill, and now he wants to kill his classmates!
  • Wait a damn minute!  You are evicting me from my house?   But, I paid it off 4 years ago!!


Are you saying that because I turned 70 ½  a month ago, I can’t have needed heart surgery now?   Bill Gates who gave us computers and became a multi-billionaire, now wants to help de-populate us?   You mean I can’t take my IRA/401K and get the hell out of here?

The items named merely scratch the surface of the current and future tragedies that will be the new stories of our lives.

It’s been a long drawn out American nightmare, especially for aware baby boomers, who were what I called the luckiest generation.  Santa and his helpers, having morphed into Satan and his helpers, who took over our country and are destroying our lives.  I see how they did it, but I’ll never understand why.


Orig. published April 20, 2013                                    {jcomments on}

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