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In March of 2011 the sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan spent 3 weeks giving humanitarian assistance to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  After the tsunami, the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in the Fukushima prefecture on the east coast of Japan suffered grave damage. The emergency back-up systems were destroyed and up to three nuclear explosions followed. The Navy personnal were sent in to assist with rescue logistics, but unbeknownst to them, they had already passed through lethal level radiation plumes three different times, one of them for five hours!!  The owner of the nuclear plant, TEPCO, told them the area around the plant was safe. What I wonder is, if the ship was nuclear powered, wasn't there radiation alarms going off like crazy??  It was reported that the potable water on the ship was also full of radio nuclides which they consumed and bathed in.  I saw a video of them scrubbing down a room in the ship and clowning around, without wearing a stitch of protective gear.  I was shocked! Some of the men and women suffered the typical immediate symptoms of radiation poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and hair loss.

Now, three and a half years later, many of the USS Reagan’s men and women are suffering the longer term consequences including one death, rare cancers, leukemia, blindness, muscle wasting, birth defects in their children, and a long list of many others.  Per usual, our government has denied that the symptoms are related to radiation or to the exposure they had in Japan while giving emergency relief.  This is so predictive of them, that it induces yawns. They have even come out with their so-called studies (who did those?) saying the radiation readings on the ship were barely perceptible and the potable water was at low risk level. Someone who mans the gauges on the ship did reveal that they were getting a spike in the levels early on, soon after the tsunami. (I’m sure that fellow has been moved to another post by now) How sickening and disgusting can they be?

These soldiers probably got the biggest dose of anyone on earth initially!! They might as well have had the nuclear fuel blow up right in their faces. I guess I just answered my own question as to why there were not train horns on the ship blowing a warning to these people. The military probably preemptively covers their butt, just in case they might have to do a cover up some day.   Like a leak or accident on the ship itself maybe?   It doesn’t matter if the whole world laughs at their assertions. They will continue to lie no matter what the evidence shows. And then they will lie some more! The trouble here is that not only are they defending themselves from liability, they are covering for the whole nuclear power complex. I laughed again when I heard that their ‘report’ concluded that the radiation on the ship, or in the ship’s potable water, was not at levels that harm human health!   Have you ever seen an incident report from a nuclear power plant that did not end with the phrase, “but there is no risk to the public health”? I never have! Every last one of them says that, no matter what the incident level or emergency!

So now, the last entity the soldiers can justifiably hold accountable is the TEPCO Corporation, as they were in control of information at that point in time.

 Pay no attention to the fact that the fully contaminated USS Reagan was denied port of entry in three countries before they began the relief effort, or that the ship has been quarantined in San Diego, rendered dead and unusable since the attempts they have made to completely decontaminate the vessel have been unsuccessful.  As for the men and women on that 4.5 BILLION DOLLAR ship?  "Naaa, you're fine folks, it's all in your head, you don't really need that wheelchair do you? Besides, we need to hold onto that money to buy a replacement ship!  Tell ya what, we'll name the new one in honor of your sacrifice. How does The USS F.U.KuShima sound"??

 The Defense Dept. was going to create a database to keep track of the injured personnel, but they scrapped that idea.  Why?  They don't want to find out what they don't want us to know, that way they can continue denying and stonewalling.  Now, there's something our government and military are experts at.  Hey, it worked for Agent Orange and depleted uranium, didn't it?  For decades! A second Nobel Prize, this one for Truth and Integrity, is sure to arrive soon for Mr. “was he eligible to be president”??!  It harkens back to Christine Whitman, head of the EPA, telling hundreds of 9/11 workers and volunteers "THE AIR IS SAFE TO BREATHE".  It totally wasn't, but they just had to get Wall Street fired up and running again, you know!  From minute one of the Fukushima disaster, we have all been kept in the dark by mainstream media.  The only thing we got was this advice from the Commander-in-Chief  “We do not recommend that you take precautionary measures other than to stay informed", which was promptly followed by a total news black out.  And now that it's worse than we could have ever imagined??  Crickets..........   They were a bit more charitable towards their citizens in England.  They advised pregnant woman not to eat broad leafy vegetables.

Think about this friends.... ….our president interrupted preparing for a trip to speak to us for five minutes about the biggest environmental accident in human history. A ten year old weather enthusiast could have told you that the plume of deadly air was coming our way. Yet he declared that the CDC and “other experts do not expect the radiation to reach our west coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or other US territories”. At the exact moment he uttered those words, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Government cohorts from Japan and the US were in a complete panic, doing all kinds of calculations, reviewing records from the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island disasters, making frantic phone calls, and having urgent meetings in private. They were trying to figure out how they could fudge the charts, downplay the danger, raise the safety limits (BY HUNDREDS OF PERCENTAGE POINTS!), and generally pretend it was no big deal. Records obtained by FOIA request prove this in spades.

When Mr. Obama stood in front of the cameras that day I believe he acted with criminal intent and depraved indifference toward the citizens of this country. Notice I didn't say “his” citizens. He is NOT my fellow countryman and he indeed behaves as if he hates us and our country!! Many of us know that the real people who run the world just pull Obama's strings, but I contend that he is thoroughly enjoying his role as destroyer- in - chief. Couldn't 'they' have simply told us to hunker down at home for a few days until the radiation from the explosion had passed?? This will go down, amidst all the others, as the president's most egregious and despicable lie ever, in my book.   Oh, and where was the president going on his trip? He took his family and ducked out to the southern hemisphere, while the rest of us breathed in the most toxic air ever to pass over our land.

 The soldiers who go to war for us, the actual protectors of our country have been given medical discharges with no compensation and no medical benefits!  God forbid the Pentagon should ever take any responsibility for what happens to Americans under their command and control.  Of course when you have 70,000 military personnel within range of Fukushima's ongoing death grip you simply must duck out on any liability for that!  I can not recall any time the military has admitted to what they do to soldiers. News blackouts were, and are, the ongoing order of the day. There are now dead oceans, mass die-offs of fish and sea mammals, dying forests and plant life, and privately owned Geiger counters are going crazy on California's coast and in airplanes flying over the US.   But no one dares to say the word RADIATION!  Mind you, I said private radiation measuring devices!  The EPA found most of our Gov's. measuring devices were broken right after the nuclear catastrophe hit and the containment towers exploded.  (They know the TV viewing public will believe anything coming out of their box, and be unaware of anything that doesn’t.) 

 They just made a new law in Japan.  If you talk about Fukushima at all, it's jail time for you, and that includes everybody.  They want to build lots more nuke plants and can't have those anti-nuke kooks getting a foothold again!  The nuclear industry has lied through their teeth since the first psychopath hatched the plan to use nuclear power to boil water for electricity generation.  WOW!  No one had to do environmental studies back then??  No one had to give "what if" scenarios, or submit a Plan B or C??  They didn't have a plan then, and obviously STILL DON'T have any solutions or answers for when things don't work out like the wonderful rose garden they promised us!  Hey! I have a cool idea too:  Let's build hundreds of Ferrari automobiles without brake systems!  It will be dangerously thrilling and so much fun!.........until it isn’t anymore.  

As well, it makes us feel so safe, confident and secure that the NRC has been issuing extensions on licenses for nuclear power plants all over our country that have already gone past their expected time of use, and that they have an army of workers who do nothing but scan E-Bay for repair parts that are no longer made!!   Recently it has been exposed that all these plants release radiation 'pressure' in high levels each time they shut down a container for re-fueling.   Somehow, the statistics finally came out about the cases of leukemia in children who live within three miles of the plants.

 Now, the injured soldiers and ones who may be future victims, are knocking at the last door of possibility for help and compensation.  The "just us" (justice) system is on the brink of tossing these soldiers their very own individual nuclear hand grenades.  Right now, the judge who originally told them she did not have the jurisdiction to 'step onto the President's turf,' and would not hear their case is deciding their fate once more.  She left open the door for a re-filing which they did after adding many more names to the suit.  But on Monday, Aug. 25th, when they finally stood before this judge again, some of the observers felt a vibe that she was going to stand resolute and still rule the same way (that their case will never be heard).  In the boxing ring were seven lawyers for TEPCO, and two for the plaintiffs.  After arguments and rebuts to her first ruling, she took a break from the tension filled court room.  When she returned, she announced that she would be making and announcing her decision at a later date.   Oh no! Did someone 'get to' her on her brake? Or, does delaying her decision leave the door open for ominous threats or bribes? There is, after all, millions or billions at stake, and we've seen this all before. When court rulings just don't make sense, or when any actions in life go completely against all logic, decency and common sense, I know.........b-o-r-i-n-g. Follow the money.

Now Judge Janis Summartino holds the soldier's very lives in her hands, their children and grand children's lives, as well as the victims who are not yet sick, but will die later from radiation caused cancers due to this exposure while on duty.   I'd also venture to say, the morale of the rest of the military too, as they have felt the stab of betrayal by our leaders one too many times. And we, as a country, are more than ready for a shred of hope that all is not lost, yet.  We are desperate to finally see justice when someone's voracious greed trumps human decency, the value of human life, or respect for the entire planet.  I guess I'd really be stretching it to think that maybe holding someone accountable for once, sanity would be restored and no one would ever dare to build another nuclear power plant again.  They would shut them all down as soon as possible, and throw the blueprints for the next so-called safe nuclear power plant in the containment vessel to burn, along with the melting MOX fuel.  It’s truly stunning, but it doesn't look like the horrendous specter of Fukushima has broken the spell of insanity and hubris.  Wouldn't it be something if the first person to 'grow a set' and face down the nuclear/military/and government greed complex, turned out to be a woman? Somebody, please! Take away my pen before I step off the cliff in my fog of hope for change.

If you are so moved, there is still a short time left to write a polite note to Judge Sammartino, and//or you can contact your compromised state and federal representatives and demand they do the right thing by these young soldiers and humanity's future!   Indeed, humanity does hang in the balance.

The Honorable Judge Janis L. Sammartino
US District Court for the Southern District of California
Edward J. Swartz Building
221 W. Broadway,    Suite 4135  Room 4A
San Diego, CA   92101

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