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4th of July Celebrations Cancelled Indefinitely

                                          4th OF July Celebrations Cancelled Indefinitely                        

                                                                               Ask President Obama and the Congress why…….

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 Traditionally, the New Years holiday is marked by the hope of a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, and high hopes of a better year ahead. We make resolutions to right the wrongs in our life and promise ourselves we’ll be a better person to all the people we know, and treat ourselves better as well. But just as we were saying a private prayer that we could indeed achieve our goals, our president, the man that the entire world placed the deepest of faith, trust, and hope in, delivered a crushing, sickening, blow to our gut. He chose to ring in the New Year with a razor sharp dagger to the American heart, by signing legislation called the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA. The most UNAmerican, cold blooded, and brutal piece of legislation ever to cross a president’s desk. The fact that he would choose the holiday season to betray the oath he made to America and her citizens, screamed louder than words. With his signature he revealed a shocking lack of basic decency, and displayed the true feelings he has towards the country he leads. As a real American, I have some questions I would like answered.

 The first question I want to ask the president and all the members of congress is, why did you hate the way America was? The saying goes ‘love it or leave it’. Why are you still living here?   Why did you tell us you wanted to serve and represent your fellow citizens, then turn your back on us and our country? We did not plan or carry out the attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001, but you have treated us like we did.  You’ve sent our valiant soldiers to the other side of the world to avenge 9/11 and stop another attack, but have stood silently by while there was an invasion of the U.S. at our southern border. Why have you failed to protect us from that? Why have you let the ‘terrorists win’ by destroying everything that was wonderful about America? You’ve taken away our reason to fly our flag proudly and shamed our name around the world with your legalized brutality and torture. Why have you taken away our reasons for wanting to live here? Why are you taking away everything we had? Did we really deserve this, especially after all of you have greatly enriched yourselves from the sweat off our backs?

 Why have you come to despise us for wanting to know what really happened to us on 9/11? Why have you not helped us to find all the answers? Why do you hate us for doing what Americans do, which is speak up, ask questions, and search for the truth?   Why is that a bad thing now? Why have you decided to make us fear you?   Why is it a ‘terroristic threat’ to want to hang on to what we had? Americans have always fought for what we had, but now it’s a crime.

 Why have you allowed foreign interests and dual citizens into our country to control and dictate to us the way they want to shape our country? Why have you allowed foreign interests to dictate what you do? Why are you allowing foreign interests to take over America and inflict such harm in so many ways to our people? Why have you let a foreign country hijack our military for their own goals and gain? How can you know, and watch, as nameless hidden faces ruin the very air we breathe, making us sick and killing animals and plants by aerosol spraying deadly toxins in the sky day after day, month after month? If you are making laws because you fear us, why don’t you also make laws for those who are actually terrorizing and sickening all of us with their Franken food, fluoridated water, and ‘Smart’ electric meter slow electrocution? Why do you hate us so much?

 Why have you chosen to betray the essence of our values and ideals? What is the real reason you have committed treason against us? Why didn’t you leave our country if you didn’t love it dearly, like we did?   Why are you still here if you hated America enough to drive a stake through her very heart? Knowing that you were the cause, you grabbed all you could while you watched America rot before your eyes. You need to get out! You need to leave!

 For loyal Americans, ‘the new terrorists and enemy combatants’ according to you, July 4th is now declared  A Day of National Mourning.



Orig. published Jan. 2, 2012                                                                                                     {jcomments on}                                                                                   






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