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“It Was a Lucky Shot” on August 6th, 2011

THIRTY ONE OF OUR TOP TIER SOLDIERS, TWENTY TWO OF THEM NAVY SEALs, (and Bart, the German Shephard warrior) perished, when their helicopter was brought down in Afghanistan



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Miss American
April 6, 2016
Their helicopter, a Viet Nam era CH47-Chinook was called Extortion 17.  It was the biggest one day loss of life in the Middle East ‘wars’ on terror.  On a late summer Saturday morning, the lives of hundreds of family members and loved ones were devastated beyond measure when the news reports began to come in.  First off, well researched Americans, along with statesmen around the world, knew what a lie the capture three months earlier by Navy SEALS of Osama Bin Laden was.  So the instant we heard this sickening news, we knew it was a hit on the SEALS for knowing the truth about President Obama’s big Osama ‘victory’.   Remember that night after Obama came on TV to tell us the wonderful news?  Like so many of the media’s ‘Made for TV’ Movies, the college kids magically appeared at the White House from the nearest meat market bar. They were given fresh new flags and paid to go in the streets yelling “USA-USA-USA”, looking like the proverbial flock of sheep!!  Only this time we didn’t get to see the famous deceased or the burial at sea staged production.  (As an aside, four months after the ‘lucky shot’, US Navy Commander Jonathan Jackson of the Electronic Attack Squadron 134, deployed aboard carrier Carl Vinson was one of the hundreds of high level military relieved of their duties by the president.  The sailors on the Carl Vinson had been talking about how they never saw a thing happening on their ship the night of Osama’s burial.  Was Jackson punished because he couldn’t keep his men quiet?  Or, maybe he was just told to keep quiet or die?)
It pays to carefully inspect as much as possible initial local news reports rather than the polished mainstream media accounts that come out later when they see the holes in their own story.  BBC reports reached here the next morning of witnesses in the sleepy peaceful town of Abbottabad Pakistan absolutely refuted that Bin Laden was living at the compound.  They were laughing at the local newspaper headlines.  There was video footage from the night before of a large fire in the yard of the compound, with a large part of the helicopter tail hanging on the perimeter wall.  

Local witnesses saw the helicopter that came back to pick up the soldiers blow up in a huge explosion upon take off.  The WH initially said the chopper had a ‘hard landing’ when it dropped off the team, which changed soon after that to “because the hard landing disabled the aircraft the soldiers set it afire so no one could get our high tech secrets from the machine”, then, they said the soldiers and the dead Osama Bin Laden left the premises in another helicopter.  Locals told of the blown up helicopter and ten to twelve blown apart burning bodies, and that no other helicopter landed that night.  They said there were two other helicopters that had been circling and holding back some miles away, fly up to the area, then fly away without landing.   Were these the SEALs who knew the truth that could be the undoing of Obama’s grand lie?
Three months later on Aug. 6th, 2011, thirty MORE top notch American soldiers died.  All to insure the re-election of our hero, Barrack Obama.  As usual our USA mainstream press kept changing the numbers and names of the dead or how many Navy-Army-Air Force-Afghanis were on board the Chinook equipment transport chopper. The school bus in the sky as one of the parents called it.  Wouldn’t you think, with millions of dollars invested in training per soldier, they’d know exactly who was where on any given mission??  Were the soldiers from the Bin Laden explosion included in the Extortion 17 body count the reason for the confusion?  All the parents knew their sons NEVER carried out their missions in anything but the newest, stealth, highly technical helicopters, flanked by extensive cover above, ahead and behind.   The staggering loss of thirty of America’s best warriors, plus the eight Afghan soldiers who died in the crash, left a huge wound in the heart of our military itself.   Parents were told the Taliban was on ‘social media’ within minutes bragging that they ‘got’ the Navy SEALs Special Forces.  Curiously, to this day, no one knows the names of any of those supposed Afghan soldiers although their bodies were brought to America to be buried with our own soldiers, nor were any Afghans officials interviewed during the initial inquiry.  The whole thing is like the Pat Tillman story, times thirty.  Short of writing a book, I will let you do your own research on this.  It’s stunning that one of the biggest horrors in the ‘war on terror’ has been lost in the proverbial fog.  When nine out of ten people have no idea what “Extortion 17” was, you know our mainstream media has, once again, done their job well.
Weeks after the ‘investigation’ was complete they called the families together to brief them on what they found. General Colt conducted the initial inquiry.   He addressed the families and it was more than obvious that he didn’t like answering their direct questions.
It was just a “lucky shot” by the Taliban he said!  Can you imagine a more painful answer being given to the Gold Star families of our dead soldiers when they asked how and why their sons died?  A casual observer, even a first grader, could smell the stench emanating from the fairy tale they spun.  Everything they did so obviously shouted consciousness of guilt.  The families, in total shock, were forced to dig down from the scant information they had to find answers.  I couldn’t figure out why they were basing their own quest for information on a mountain of lies.  Why would they believe anything they were told if so much of the information was questionable, if not flat out false?  Parts of what is written in the initial inquiry sounds like a teenage Valley Girl answering the questions.  It certainly didn’t sound like military personnel responding to a General.  You had to wonder who was tasked with writing those parts of the report (story).   In any case, every single thing the families were told pointed the finger anywhere and everywhere but on the people who planned this mass annihilation.
The powerful elite and thousands of their cowardly greed mongering buddies will lie to keep the punchbowl bubbling and full.  Just as with Sept. 11th, 2001, they all have to play pretend for the rest of their days, no matter if the rest of the world laughs behind their backs.  And just like 9/11, the families had to beg for a congressional investigation.   They were told by Obama personally, that he “would investigate it very, very, very deeply”.  This was followed by the deafening sound of very loud crickets for months on end.   If there ever was any real investigation, we certainly never heard about the results.  Some congressmen promised there would be, and they called it one, but there was not.
The war industrial complex, the nuclear power complex, the privately owned prison complex, the pharmaceutical and medical complex, the tightly controlled media, not to mention the root of all this evil, the banking cabal that runs the whole show, built a moat around their fortress to insure that no truth about this shameful event would be ever be forthcoming .  I never knew there would be so many traitors to America after all of her patriotic people through the decades, known and unknown, died fighting to keep what our Founding Fathers gave us.  They are traitors who are able to live among us, smiling, shaking our hand, and asking for our vote, while they sink a knife deep in our back, taking from us whatever isn’t nailed down, including our family members .  When we turn to walk away they yank the knife back out. Can’t leave any of the silverware behind, right??  There are so many open wounds; I just can’t find an end to grieving over our lost America.  Never was the meaning of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ more appropriate.
The administration went to all lengths to keep the Extortion 17 story quiet.  Families were threatened with loss of life insurance payments, pensions, and children’s college money if they didn’t keep quiet.  Others were followed, spied on, homes bugged, computers hacked etc.  One even received an e-mail from their dead son.  Did they actually think since it happened on the other side of the world that people would just accept it and move on, feeling too remote from the circumstances to do anything about it?  Can you conceive of watching with deep pride as your son or husband successfully completed each of the brutal tests to become one of America’s premier warriors, only to be treated like you are an enemy combatant because you want answers for why his life was treated so carelessly?
One only needs to read a few things about the protocol surrounding the preparations to deploy and carry out missions, to understand the ultra-strict, moment by moment discipline with which the Navy SEALs do their job.  Nothing of what I’ve learned about that fateful night resembled anything I’ve read about the way the Navy SEALs function.  They said the Special Ops were called in to help the Army Rangers as an immediate reaction force, but one of the Rangers said ‘no, we did not need them’.  They had been fighting for three hours and things had wound down.  They were still chasing a few targets who had escaped capture, but did they need eight Afghan soldiers and thirty of our elite Special Ops to ‘help’, especially when there was no modern aircraft to send them in, they said?   That says all we need to know, doesn’t it?  To this day no one even knows who was responsible for executing the deployment of Extortion 17, or the most glaring question of all; Why were they all put into one aircraft, a possible first  time event?  That is just one of twenty crucial questions the families have of what happened here.
Not to minimize the event, but I believe that there may have been a deliberate decision made to let Benghazi dominate the mainstream news for so long.  It was yet another layer in the cover up of the Extortion 17 travesty, one of the biggest betrayals our soldiers have ever been the victim of.  Does it show just how determined the Powers That Be are about who sits in the White House as their top puppet?  Obama’s re-election was just one of the motives for the whole Bin Laden/Extortion 17 affair.  There are always multiple benefits to whatever ‘they’ do.  And when the TV networks harp on something like Benghazi with such fervor, or dragging out the E-mails crime for so long a time, you must always ask yourself why they have decided to let us know about this particular travesty.   You can bank on the fact there is something much more dire and devastating they are hiding.  How sickening is it when it looks like Hillary Clinton has been the sacrificial lamb for the last couple years to cover for much bigger crimes and keep the public’s attention on her?  Then, they present her to us as a viable candidate for president?!   This shows you how pathetic the controllers think we are.  They really have us where they want us, and they care not if we know.  Now, they’re even proud enough of their murders to leave their calling card at the scene (Judge Scalia).
I do not profess to know exactly what happened to these 30 American patriots that night, but the whole story ripped my heart out.  I’ve become friends with one of the family’s who lost their son.  My own father was in the Navy during WW11.  He was probably one of the first of what would later become the SEALs. They called him a beach jumper.  Dad never talked war stories to us, his daughters, but he did give us a deep love of America and pride in the flag.  He always flew a flag on our property.  I look at these Gold Star families and almost don’t have it in me to tell them what I believe actually happened based on my own research and feelings, along with a good helping of intuition.  I just started with a blank page, not what we were told about any of it. Many of the items I used in my research on the internet are gone now, even the foreign sources.  The ‘official story’ starts with a pile of lies and ends the same way.  It’s much easier to see when you aren’t filled with the incredible pain of being directly betrayed.
Isn’t it amazing how some people can lie to you knowing that you know it’s a lie, but they go ahead with it anyway?  I don’t know about you, but I definitely could never pull that off.  This is where it all starts to feel like insanity, craziness, and quite psychopathic.  Maybe when you doubt your chances of being re-elected, it’s easier to do what you gotta do.  How many people really believed that Osama Bin Laden was still alive, let alone sitting around watching himself on TV when the SEALs arrived at his door in Pakistan?   President Obama looked like he himself saw a ghost when he went on TV to announce Bin Laden’s ‘capture and killing’.  He looked very strange on camera, like he was on some kind of drug.  He said he’d had the Pakistani governments’ help ‘catching the worst terrorist on earth’ (though he never showed up on the FBI’s Most Wanted List!).  One of the first things I heard from Pakistani news was how angry their government was that Obama just came into their country without consult or permission!
An inordinate number of Navy SEALs have lost their lives in the last 8 or so years.  Many shot down, many in training or other accidents.  Could it be on purpose?  The banking cabal that wants to rule a one world government knows Americans are not going down without a fight.  They want our guns, so now all veterans have PTSD according to Sen. Feinstein.  Could it be that they don’t want the best sharp shooters alive, the ones they trained to assassinate their enemies, to stalk them when America falls as planned?  I don’t quite buy the idea that Chris Kyle and his friend were caught so unawares or off guard, that a mentally troubled veteran was able to take them down.  He especially, had to go.  Since 30 men worth millions in training were being sacrificed, the elites’ greedy nature just couldn’t let them use anything but that old disposable Chinook chopper.  They flew in without any cover.  The ‘eye in the sky’ just so happened to go on the blink at the time of their arrival in the battle zone.  The soldiers on the ground said they didn’t even know what crashed.  I believe that no one knew anything.  I think they just sent them in cold and blew it up, or made sure it was shot down.  Karzai later had been accusing Obama of working with the Taliban and their suicide bombers.  Sounds just like his style.  Sickening.
Extortion 17 and  9/11, are not going away.  Like JFK, it will fester like a nasty ever growing boil on the fabric of America’s history.

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