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Communist Party Boasts It Controls Chinese UN Officials

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The New American

Amid the arrest of Communist Chinese agent and former Interpol boss Meng Hongwei (shown), the Communist Party of China revealed that all Chinese officials working within international organizations are expected to obey party orders without question. Obviously, that conflicts with their ostensible job descriptions within global outfits such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Interpol, and beyond. But with Communist Chinese agents now operating across the leadership of dozens of international organizations, the explosive revelations have enormous implications for “global governance” — especially as it relates to the Communist Chinese bid to lead the scandal-plagued UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

On April 3, the Communist Chinese dictatorship announced that its ongoing “investigation” into Meng determined that the Interpol boss turned Beijing target “refused to follow [Communist] Party decisions,” according to various media reports. As a result, he was arrested, forced to resign from Interpol, expelled from the Communist Party, and fired from his post as “vice minister of public security” — a job he held at the same time as the presidency of Interpol. In September of 2018, Meng, who was still in charge of the self-styled global law-enforcement agency, went back to China. Then he was arrested by Communist Chinese authorities and "disappeared." He then resigned from his international post under duress.

The Communist Chinese Ministry of Public Security — a ruthless organization that uses terror and brutality to keep the regime's 1.4 billion victims in line — said Meng was “totally to blame” for his own problems with what passes as “law” in China. “When it comes to party loyalty and sincerity, it is absolutely not allowed to be duplicitous, to agree overtly but oppose in secret, or to be a two-face person, or lead a double life, or engage in political social climbing,” the ministry said without elaborating, adding that his associates were also being investigated. “It is absolutely not allowed to make decisions without authorization, to do or say as you wish.”

In other words, members of the Communist Chinese Party are expected to obey the party's decrees at all times — even when in “international service” at Interpol, the UN, or other institutions of “global governance.” But that is a big problem. The code of conduct of international organizations very clearly prohibits taking orders from national governments or political parties. Consider, for example, the UN Oath of Office that staff members of the global organization must adhere to in order to work there. Among other things, the oath very clearly prohibits taking orders from anyone outside the organization, requiring staffers to place their loyal to the international institutions instead.

“I solemnly declare and promise to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience the functions entrusted to me as an international civil servant of the United Nations, to discharge these functions and regulate my conduct with the interests of the United Nations only in view, and not to seek or accept instructions in regard to the performance of my duties from any Government or other source external to the Organization,” reads the oath. “I also solemnly declare and promise to respect the obligations incumbent upon me as set out in the Staff Regulations and Rules.”

And yet, the Communist Chinese dictatorship, which has murdered more people than any government in human history, openly demands that all Chinese employees of the UN follow its instructions at all times. The consequences of disobedience, as the case of Meng and Interpol illustrates, include forced disappearance, a sham “trial” run by the same murderous Communist Party, and potentially worse, as Chinese dissidents, Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, and others know all too well. According to Meng's wife, who is still in France, he has not been heard from since a text message she received. He is being denied legal counsel and may even face torture.

As Reuters put it, the supposed “anti-corruption” campaign unleashed by Chinese Communist Party boss and murderous dictator Xi Jinping has “increasingly been focused on those it judges are disloyal to the party or question the decision of the top leadership.” And in the case of Meng, under whose leadership Interpol was in fact tracking down enemies of Beijing overseas, as this magazine reported, it appears that he was still not obedient enough. Interpol was previously hijacked by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime. And still today, dictatorships, including the one ruling China, use the outfit to track down dissidents abroad.

Commentators have pointed out the obvious implications of Meng's take down. Human rights advocate Michael Caster with the group Safeguard Defenders explained that the arrest of Meng validates the concerns of those who pointed out that Communist Chinese agents in the UN were serving the Communist Party rather than the organization. The official statement about Meng's arrest, Caster said, was “emphasizing that ultimately Meng Hongwei was serving at the discretion of the Communist Party, which is headed by Xi Jinping.” That highlights the fact that Chinese officials working in international organizations are acting as extensions of the Communist Party, he added.

This is enormously significant — especially because there are more Chinese nationals in charge of UN bureaucracies than any other nation or government. Indeed, as The New American has documented for years, the Communist Chinese dictatorship now has its agents embedded all throughout the UN and the institutions of “global governance” such as the IMF, the World Bank, and beyond. The Party-controlled autocracy even opened a “School of Global Governance” at the Beijing Foreign Studies University to train legions of Communist Chinese agents to penetrate the institutions of the so-called “New World Order,” as Western and Chinese globalists refer to the emerging global regime.

Among the UN agencies actually led by the regime's agents is the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is pushing global taxes on air travel. The agency is run by Secretary-General Fang Liu, a Communist Chinese agent. Also run by a Communist Chinese agent is the UN Industrial Development Organization. Led by Director-General Li Yong, the controversial UN agency, which the United States withdrew from, is busily helping to build up hostile Third World regimes such as the murderous dictatorships in North Korea and Cuba with Western money and technology.

Another key UN entity run by a Communist Chinese agent is the UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU). This agency, which is seeking global censorship and controls of the Internet, is controlled by Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. He came under fire after being elected for claiming that censorship is in the eye of the beholder as Third World dictatorships were plotting to use the UN ITU to impose draconian regulations, taxes, and even a “kill switch” on the Internet.

Also under Communist Chinese control is the powerful UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), which is run by Chinese Communist Party operative Wu Hongbo. The organization is helping to bring about radical changes in the economy and society around the world under the guise of “sustainability.” The regime in Beijing boasted that it played a “crucial role” in developing UN Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals, the UN's “masterplan for humanity.” At the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro attended by this writer, the chairman of the whole event was anti-American Communist Chinese bigwig Sha Zakung.

Beijing also has agents serving as deputy leaders of multiple UN organizations as well, including the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) working to standardize and globalize education.

Until recently, the UN World Health Organization, which is trying to become a global Department of Health-style bureaucracy, was also under the control of a Communist Chinese agent, Margaret Chan. Since her departure, it was taken over by an Ethiopian communist who thought mass-murdering Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe would make a good “goodwill ambassador” for the organization. Seriously.

And now, the regime in Beijing is working hard behind the scenes to get its agent selected to lead the powerful UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The UN FAO, as it is known, is already under communist control under the leadership of Brazilian radical José Graziano da Silva, a close associate of the corrupt communists who ran Brazil until being thrown in prison in recent years. Graziano's term is especially noteworthy for his relentless persecution of Italian Insider editor John Philips, a journalist whose paper has exposed massive corruption and scandal. Now, Beijing is bribing governments to support the election of Communist Chinese Agriculture and Rural Affairs Deputy Minister Qu Dongyu to lead FAO.

However, the regime in Beijing has made clear that Qu and any other Communist Chinese agents running UN agencies will be taking orders from the Communist Party of China — not the member states or the so-called “international community.” Of course, plenty of Western globalists know this very well, and yet they continue aiding and abetting Beijing's takeover of “global governance.” Indeed, numerous Western globalists have celebrated the regime's growing influence. Claiming China had a “better functioning government” than the United States, billionaire George Soros even called on the communist dictatorship to “own” the “New World Order.”

The survival of liberty and Western-Christian civilization depends on making sure that nightmarish vision of a “New World Order” is never realized.


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