China Threat

Growing Ties Between Michigan And China

CGA NOTE: Our governors continue to invite unvetted foreigners into the country under the guise of economic developments. Where are the concerns about espionage? How can we ensure these foreigners won't turn on us some day, in the event there were ever a war with China, given the fact that their families live back home and are still subject to political persecution of the Chinese government? Is Chinese foreign direct investment worth compromising our national security?


Carol Cain
CBS 62
April 15, 2013

As China leapfrogs over Germany for third place among countries where Michigan products are exported to, the effort to build two-way bridges between the huge Asian nation and the Great Lakes State continues to flourish.

Michigan exported $3.2 billion worth of goods and services to China in 2012, a 25 percent increase from 2011. (Only Canada and Mexico ranked higher). In addition, Michigan is one of the top 10 states for direct investment from China with over $917 million in capital dollars coming this way in 2012 making it one of the Top 10 states in the nation.

Gov. Rick Snyder, who has traveled twice to China, has sent a strong signal to the Chinese that Michigan is open for business and wants to develop win-win relationships that help grow jobs here at home.



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