China Threat

Communist Chinese Troops on U.S. Soil for “Exchange” Mission

Alex Newman
The New American
November 14, 2013
Following a recent uproar surrounding the Obama administration’s hosting of Russian airborne terror troops for joint drills with U.S. military forces in Colorado, outrage is growing about the latest scandal involving foreign forces on American soil. This week, reportedly for the first time ever, soldiers for the mass-murdering Communist Party regime ruling mainland China have been working on “disaster management” with American troops on U.S. soil — supposedly for “humanitarian” purposes. Western analysts and commentators expressed alarm over the developments, but the ruthless dictatorship in Beijing touted the scheme widely across its propaganda organs.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which recently announced broad cooperation with Russian authorities, is also involved in the joint drills between American and Chinese forces. According to officials and news reports, the exercises, currently underway in Hawaii, began on November 12 and will run for two days. Among other elements, the communist regime’s “Ministry of Defense” was cited in Beijing propaganda outlets as saying that the major subjects would include “weapon demonstration, technique exchange, and cooperative action.”

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