Roger Mundy

The Restore America Plan (T.R.A.P.)

Roger Mundy
Coalition to Govern America
April 19, 2011
What is called ‘ The Restore America Plan (T.R.A.P.) is occurring in meetings across America in order to collect signatures (and thumbprints) on forms entitled:
“Declaration of Sovereign Rights held by Indigenous Power”. (The ‘Declaration’)
TRAP document
Once signed and “registered” with the World Court, the legal standing of those who sign is fundamentally degraded, and at a minimum, their right of property ownership is placed in the hands of that court.

The Trap [a dialectic]

The T.R.A.P. has two jaws that snap shut on the victim once it is triggered by signature. These jaws are the legal terms: “surrogate” [thesis] and “indigenous” [antithesis] that have meanings entirely different in the eyes of the court from the meanings instilled in the minds of the signers. These alternate meanings are instilled in the minds of those targeted for signatures by facilitators at the meetings and by literature distributed by them The result is the people sign something that means something entirely different than they believe.

The Jaws of the Trap:

Indigenous” [antithesis]

The meaning of ‘indigenous power’ instilled into the minds of those targeted for signatures is basically the concept of the power that the people should have over their ‘servants’ in a republican form of government.

The people are deceived into believing they are declaring themselves as full members of the ‘sovereign’ entity called “these free and independent united States of America.” What they are actually declaring is that they are full members of “indigenous” peoples in “settlements” that are in specific counties and “local to” specific states.

These ‘terms’ are immediately recognizable by the court as a declaration of legal standing virtually identical with that held by Native American tribes – who hold their “Sovereign Rights” “by Indigenous Power”.

Native Americans hold the title of their lands as a “mere possession not specifically recognized as ownership and may be extinguished by federal government at any time” (Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th ed. 3- under “Indian Title”)

Surrogate” [thesis]

The meaning of ‘surrogate power’ that is instilled into the minds of those targeted for signatures is the concept of representative government – whose members are meant to be the servants of the people.
Those who sign the ‘Declaration’ are led to believe they are taking a stand against corrupt government that abuses the power delegated to them by the people. They believe that by signing and registering these ‘Declaration’(s) with the world court they will gain a kind of legal force against that corruption.
What they are actually signing in the eyes of the court (along with their standing as conquered peoples – like the Indians) contains many elements in relation to surrogate. The court recognizes ‘surrogate’ as a synonym for ‘probate’, and therefore “surrogate power” as “probate jurisdiction”; and “surrogate power officials as “probate jurisdiction judicial officers.”

“Surrogate” – “The name given in some states to the judges or judicial
officer who has jurisdiction over the administration of probate matters…wills…estates…appoint guardians…liquidating assets.” 

(Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th ed.; see ‘surrogate’ & ‘probate’)

The first use of ‘surrogate’ in the ‘Declaration’ is crafted to show a description of “the just powers” of government identifiable as the original ‘these united States of America”. Followed by a semi-colon is a definition of “The United States”. This second definition describes the United States coming to exercise the powers of the original ‘these united States of America” ‘by elected officials’ in probate jurisdiction on behalf of “the free states”.

This statement of the probate nature of the federal government towards “these united States of America” is the main theme [thesis] of the ‘Declaration’.

It becomes more obvious in the next section that the Declaration is not meant to be understood by its signers, because of the outrageous statement that the United States overthrows ‘the free state’ and creates tyranny when they uphold Native American rights “as supreme”. This has never happened, but it tells the court that the signers know they are accepting an inferior legal standing.
In the section that contains their oath they rescind their former ‘political allegiance’ (legal standing) to the entity called ‘the United States’, while retaining allegiance to “these United States”, not as full members of “these united States”, but as Native Americans.
What follows in the ‘Declaration’ is what is required of all conquered peoples – a Surety of Peace:

“Surety of the Peace

“A species of preventative justice, and consists in obliging those persons whom there is probable ground to suspect of future misbehavior, to stipulate with, and to give full assurance to the public that such offense as is apprehended shall not take place, by finding pledges or securities for keeping the peace, or for their good behavior.” (Black’s law – 6th ed.)

All aspects of a ‘surety of the peace’ are found in the ‘Declaration’:
  • “ ….give full assurance to the public …” is found in many ‘assurances’ leading up to and especially including “I consent to uphold and keep the Peace...”
  • by finding pledges and securities…” is found in the fact that every ‘new’ Native American signs the Declaration.
  • securities” is found in - “I consent to …delegate power of Sovereign Rights held by Indigenous Power by country and free state Settlement Constitution.”
This clause is the very heart of the ‘Declaration’ – it is the purpose of the effort to get signatures. It is permission to ‘subrogate’ the title of their property into different hands than ‘the United States; and it is why the ‘Declaration’ is in terms of probate.

“The substitution of one person in the place of another with influence to a lawful claim, demand or right so that he who is substituted succeeds to the rights of the other in relation to the debt or claim, and its rights, remedies, or securities”. (Black’s Law 6th ed.)

Since Native American tribes hold the title of their property ‘as a mere possession not …ownership …(that) may be extinguished by federal government at any time’. The World Court may subrogate the title of these new properties to others. This is part of the liquidation of assets held by the United States, which follows the failure of the reorganized bankruptcy of the United States.
The Trigger [synthesis]

The trap is sprung with the signing of the ‘Declaration’. Meeting attendees are told they will not be invited to the next meeting, unless they sign. Perhaps a few more signatures mean bigger commissions for those who facilitate these meetings. I have a feeling the World Court was ready to rubberstamp these ‘Declaration’(s) even before The Restore America Plan was launched. Perhaps there will be another series of meetings to make it easier to round up these new Native Americans to relocate them to their new reservations.

Possible Scenario

If there are enough signatures produced by the trap, is it possible that some higher authority will construe the ‘Declaration’(s) as the voice of the people in representative assembly – and we all find ourselves under the presumption that we are Native Americans waiting to be relocated? This idea is certainly in keeping with The ‘Rewilding of America’: America rewilded and all of its inhabitants as Native Americans relocated to reservations run by FEMA. This would more truly “Restore America” but not to 1787, or 1776, but closer to 1492 – when European conquerors first planted their flags here. In their eyes, all they saw before them was wilderness and ‘Indians.”

The Source of the Trap

A man called Clive Cleveland, the main speaker at a local meeting of T.R.A.P.; who is a partner of Seminar Crowds, Inc. has taken the blame for the glossy magazine “Common Sense Revisited” – which can be purchased and was available at the meeting. It is a printed form of the dialectic used to instill the alternative meanings of “surrogate” and “indigenous” into the minds of those targeted for signatures.
However, he is not the source of these concepts. Item 16 on the “References” page states: “The concept of indigenous and surrogate power attributed to Glenda Green.”

An Internet search produced much about Glenda, whom I have nicknamed ‘Glenda the Good Witch’. Her website,, describes “Her spiritual writings and teaching… have come from inspired collaboration with ‘Jeshua, ” (Jesus)’.”

“Jeshua first appeared to Glenda in 1991, manifesting from a field of light …subsequently they began to enjoy daily communion.” Part of what Jesus said to her:

“The moment surrogate power assumes the rights of indigenous power, corruption will begin…Under such oppressive conditions nothing works better than a declaration of sovereign rights held by indigenous power(Love Without End, Jesus Speaks, Glenda Green 1999)

Glenda is a bishop of the Spiritis Church. The ‘Declaration’ reflects the Gnostic doctrine of the Spiritis Church. Here I invite researchers to investigate the admitted ties that the priesthood of the Spiritis Church has with: Mind Control, High Masonry, Catholic Orders, etc. (

To those who have signed the ‘Declaration of Sovereign Rights Held By Indigenous Power’, there is a way to un-spring the trap. It is found only in God’s sovereignty. Sovereignty has been defined as supreme, absolute, unaccountable, and uncontrollable power. Sovereignty belongs to God alone. All other sovereignties are surrogates without authority.
Roger Mundy was the leader of a grassroots organization called The Kansas Tenth Amendment Society. He has been a frequent guest on the Govern America radio broadcast until his death in 2014.
For Further Research:
  • Spiritis Church Bio page showing Glenda Greene and her husband, Larry Jensen, as "key officials"
  • Larry Jensen's website bragging that "he was a consultant to Jose Silva of Silva Mind Control"
  • Clyde Cleveland was a speaker at the meetings where the forms are presented for signatures. This bio on the official Common Sense Revisited website, states that he is the author of the "Common Sense; Revisited" document, and he is also co-founder and President of a "marketing" group. He also is involved in financial services and insurance industries. The page also says he was a delegate to the Continental Congress '09, held by Bob Schulz' We The People Foundation. When asked about the purpose of the Continental Congress, Schulz stated on the Govern America radio broadcast, "I'm just a facilitator". While we can't be sure what Mr. Schulz meant by the term, we do know that the term "facilitator" is what is used in the Delphi Technique. In that context, it is a paid change-agent whose job is to dialogue opposing groups into a pre-determined consensus. For more on this, see the "Delphi Technique". For more on info on Schulz, see "An Open Letter to Bob Schulz"


[Editor's Note: We have learned that the Restore America Plan has now morphed into “The Republic of the united States of America”. They are still using similar language in their forms, and continue to collect the signatures, personal information, and biometric information (thumbprint) of the signers, as you can see below.]

Republic of the united States of America's Declaration of Sovereign Rights Held by Indigenous Power

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