Roger Mundy

The Convention of States Simplified

Roger Mundy
Coalition to Govern America
August 18, 2014


The Convention of States con/con sponsored by the Citizens for Self Governance – COS/CSG has the same specific objects as the last COS/CSG – the Conference of States sponsored by the Council of State Governments about twenty years ago. It is a COS/CSG part I and part II. The use of an acronym is one way that insiders communicate with one another. In this case it is making clear that these are just two different sales campaigns for the same thing.


We know that the number one target of the first COS/CSG was the constitutional Article V “State Suffrage” – The power of state legislatures to give binding commands to their U.S. Senators. The number two target was the 10th the states that were not delegated to the “federal” government.

In other words, the Convention of States is intended to destroy as much as possible, the principle powers of the States under the Constitution. This basically leaves all power in the hands of D.C. and makes it easier “by law” to accomplish their global plans.



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