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A Change of Plans

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
June 15, 2016

Music is a powerful tool that has great impact upon shaping people's lives for better or for worse. Culture is shaped by lyrics and melody. Sometimes lives are impacted to the point where paths are literally changed by the power of song.

Kellye Huff discovered this anew one day when she approached a stranger in her church who confessed to her that he had become "angry" with her the prior Sunday for messing up his "plans".

Kelly is the daughter of 80's Christian singer David Huff of "David and the Giants" fame. She has been singing Christian songs since the age of 13. Now a wife and parent in her own rite, she still is very active on the music front doing musical tours and singing worship songs for her local church.

She tells of the interesting encounter with this man, who said he felt drawn to the church for some unknown reason. That visit proved, for this man, to be a life-changing experience.

Kellye tells the story in the first video. Then, below that, is the song that she sang that day.

With all of life's troubles, which sometimes seem to smother us, isn't it wonderful to know that we can find shelter from the storm?



Below is the song, that she sang that day, You Shelter Me.


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