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Thursday, November 21st, 2019

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Cattle Rancher and Patriot Werner Bock Arrested Again

CGA NOTE: Werner Bock is a listener and friend to our Govern America broadcast and has long been persecuted by authorities. Bock lives on a UN Biodiversity area and, we believe, may be being targeted due to the fact that his land is mineral-rich.


For more on Werner Bock's story, read the items HERE and HERE.




Farmer Werner Bock who says lasers killed cows now in custody


Moncton-area farmer didn't see psychiatrist as ordered by judge, will now be sent for assessment


December 3, 2013


A cattle farmer facing two charges of failing to care for his animals has had his case delayed again after he failed to see a psychiatrist, as he was twice instructed to do by a New Brunswick judge.

Werner Bock of Petitcodiac, who claims lasers and heat rays killed his cows, was taken into custody following a brief appearance in Moncton provincial court on Tuesday.





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