Werner Bock

Cattle Rancher Werner Bock Arrested

Rick Gower
September 22, 2013


On Thursday, September 20, 2013, Mr. Werner Bock, a Canadian cattle rancher was arrested in court for refusing to submit to a psychiatric evaluation. Mr. Bock has been a farmer his entire life, and attended the technical colleges of Agriculture and Business in Northeim, Germany, for four years of appropriate science and business training. His family still resides on the family farm in Germany. He was in court facing two counts of failing to provide proper food and water to his animals during the spring of 2011.

Werner Bock, who had farmed on rented land in Germany for 10 years, emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in 1969 and bought his own farm. Local government encouraged immigrant farmers to take over non-productive farm land so it wouldn't return to forested growth. For a while, Werner thought he had landed in paradise. Through five years of hard work, he brought back the soil and started to enjoy a productive organic farming operation. He was a good neighbor and always helped local farmers who needed his assistance in any way. However, he started to have trouble with the local power structure (who knew nothing about farming) who wanted to tell him what to farm and how to farm. He said he didn't move from Germany to be "bossed around" in the Land of the Free. He preferred the organic way of farming. That's when his problems started (1975).


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Mr. Bock, his pets, and his ranch and cattle have been under attack by an unknown party for decades.  During that time over 300 cattle have been mutilated and killed at his ranch in New Brunswick, Canada.  He has also been subjected to arson attacks on his property.  Mr. Bock has tried to get investigations into the attacks by calling the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), contacting government authorities at every level of Canadian Government and has been met with incompetence, neglect, buck-passing, and outright abuse in response.

During his own investigation into the crimes, he noticed strange burn marks on the noses, udders, flanks, legs, feet and elsewhere on his cattle.  He also noticed unusual damage to the plant life in his pastures.  He has extensively documented each injury and act of animal mutilation and killing. Mr. Bock has come to the conclusion that a type of directed energy weapon has been used against his cattle, pets and himself, as well as other gasses and chemicals.  It is unknown what type of weapon has been used, whether it is a laser or microwave energy weapon, or some other type, but it is obvious that burn marks have been inflicted on his cattle from a distance.  Werner goes into great detail on the results of his investigation, and the injuries inflicted on his cattle and pets.  Perfectly circular 1½ inch diameter holes have been burned up to 2 to 3 inches in depth into the animals. Werner has seen dark red beams fired into his fields.

The mainstream media have been less than helpful in reporting Mr. Bock's troubles.  Even though Werner has never said that an "alien" or "aliens" were responsible for the death of his cattle, they insist on reporting that he did.  They are outright lying, and seem to be attempting to destroy his credibility in the public eye.

Thousands of people have heard Mr. Bock's account of his troubles, and know him to be a sane and kindly man, and a very conscientious and capable organic farmer and rancher.  Through statements made directly to him by RCMP officers, and other people, Werner tells us that these criminals in the community want him to abandon his land, and that they will find a way to put him away for good.  Instead of doing their jobs, and helping him find and prosecute the perpetrators of these horrible crimes, they seem instead to be trying to do exactly what they promised to do to him now, put him away for good.

Honest people need to come to the aid of Mr. Werner Bock, and not allow the government criminals to prosecute him and put him away for good.  Werner should be allowed the peaceable use of his land that he has worked for decades to improve, and maintain, and raise healthy cattle and feed.

The police involved in Werner's arrest can be contacted as follows:

Moncton Police: 1-888-506-7267  Petit Kodiak Police: 1-506-857-2400




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