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The most endangered concept and foundation of the American Republic is LIBERTY. The entire validity and purpose of government is to advance and protect individual natural rights. Natural law is the only supreme canon to base government upon and organize society. Our common law tradition rests upon natural law.  Western civilization’s essence is intrinsic in the inherent autonomy of each human being. Our universal nature  bestowed from God. Life is not an accident, but is a gift. Christian ethics, values and teachings are synonymous with the founding of our nation. Thomas Jefferson states, "The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time." (A Summary View of the Rights of British America).
America’s creation originated as one nation under God. In spite of this fact, today the United States are no longer one nation. The vast majority claim to be Christians; however, the government that controls their lives is solidly anti-Christian which professes a secular humanism standard that mirrors a hedonistic relativism culture. Liberty is incongruent within this environment.

John MacArthur makes an important observation, “It is important to understand that the moral law of God hasn't changed--nor has the believer's obligation to it. The moral law is still binding. The doctrine about freedom was difficult for the Jewish people to accept. Because the teaching of Christian liberty posed a threat to their religious system, some of the Jews accused Paul of being antinomian. They assumed Paul was teaching that Christians had the liberty to do anything they wanted”.

Just as the revealed Mosaic Law embodied in the Ten Commandments is the cornerstone for moral conduct, the Founding Fathers based their view of Liberty upon the Natural Law that underpins those divine precepts. Liberty demands submission unto that natural law. “The Founders saw Liberty as the opposite of tyranny. Freedom from dependence on another’s will. The ability to choose one’s own way without interference” is the viewpoint of the Breed's Hill Institute. Yet the mindset of these patriots willingly surrendered their worldly appetites to the supreme power and will of the eternal. They accepted that God was the final authority and each had a rendezvous with the Lord on judgment day.

The agnostic rejects that intellectual proof is possible for God’s existence. The atheist likes to believe they are their own substitute for an absolute deity. The political implications are profound when temporal systems of authority is designed around the notion that man is the measure of all things. This refusal of the innate purpose of human life has driven the social suicidal insanity of secular humanism.
The core difference between a paleo-conservative and a libertarian philosophy usually rests upon the departure of acceptance on the force of natural law. Often the libertarian seeks exotic constructed philosophies for alternative methods of rational social conduct. The American First genuine conservative accepts the inborn limits of human temptations and attempts to foster political principles that conform with the basic codes of natural law. Combating secular humanism provides common ground for an alliance with sincere libertarians.
The example of Direct Citizen Action, by author James Ostrowski illustrates a valid “strategy” for the liberty movement. A book review by  RJ Miller identifies the thrust of the approach.

The book is divided into three main parts:

“First, it looks at what our present status is and where we ought to be. Ostrowski begins this part by highlighting the most significant shortcomings of our nation today in the context of governmental threats to liberty. He then explains what we ought to achieve in it’s place. Here Ostrowski is far less radical than the agorists he otherwise seems to be similar to. If he is, then he certainly doesn’t make it public in this book, and nor should he if he wants to draw attention to a feasibly accessible platform. From there he explains why traditional political methods of affecting the government’s role in our lives are far from perfect, and that Direct Citizen Action is far more potent.

In the Second part, he explains some key points and tactics relevant to DCA. This includes everything from moving to less politically intrusive states to boycotting businesses who bankroll statist politicians. These are excellent tactics in my opinion, and they are a great add-on to any counter-economist as well as mainstream tea-partier. All in all, they are different ways of reducing the role and influence of government in your here and now. Over time they can lead to the system shrinking altogether.
Part Three is sure to raise a few eyebrows. It is intended to inform the reader on what they need to do in order to prepare themselves for what might potentially happen as more people take the actions of part two into practice. This includes forming a militia if necessary. I thought this was crazy at first, but then again what Ostrowski advocates here really isn’t all that different from what might happen in the latter stages of agorist revolution. I definitely think he’s onto something”.

The hijacking and perversion of traditional “free market” institutions by the corrupt elements that run the State/Corporatism, that propagate the monocracy of secular humanism, causes the eradication of Liberty. The conditions that foster Liberty must be eliminated to complete the globalist master plan for subjugation.
“Breaking All The Rules” promotes direct action and civil disobedience as a sacred duty to battle the ruling elites that control the levers of government for the intended purpose of burying Western Civilization into a crypt of a black hole. Our heritage is the essence of the nation. The total government models are the grim reaper of a diseased and plague ridden society.

The deliberate distortion coming out of the secular humanist culture has co-opted many African-Americans, Latinos and Jewish affiliated groups. Lacking a commitment to the defense of traditional Western Civilization is their deficiency. The Southern Poverty Law Center, La Raza and the Anti-Defamation League all share the same mindset that Liberty is relative. It needs to be restricted or extinguished, especially among Christians that embody natural law heritage. The worst of these ethnic identity groups falsely claim the benefits of social largess for their own tribes. No wonder the universal Christian message of individual humanity is a fundamental threat to secular humanism.
Liberty shares the agorism perspective for voluntary exchanges. The element of personal responsibility is a necessary component to any conduct that is freely chosen. A natural right is not an arbitrary behavior at the mercy and discretion of the State. Nor is individual obligation an option that can be shelved, when the burden of duty interferes with immediate satisfaction.

Max More in the Freeman argues, “Liberty will not endure without responsibility. Liberty without responsibility is license. Liberty-as-license has become a widespread aspect of our culture. It manifests itself in many ways: in desires for freedom to do anything without restraint and without cost (someone else will bear the cost); the demand for income as a right (someone else will produce the income); the expectation of guaranteed commercial success (someone else will pay the costs of government subsidies and protection from foreign and “unfair” competition).

The survival of liberty requires personal responsibility. Without this connection our political institutions become a means for the shifting of blame, for compelling others to fix our problems, and for living off the efforts of others”.

The link of obligation with the revealed law for moral behavior is often missing in worldly ethical codes and philosophies. The promise of a country under the principles of Liberty is proportional to the embodiment of traditional Christian teachings within that nation’s laws and culture. America’s heritage as a “Beacon of Liberty” is in freefall. The cause is in direct ratio to the abandonment of Thomistic interpretation of natural law for the relativism of secular humanism.

God’s law is supreme. Man’s edicts are invalid when codes violate natural rights. America has one foot in the grave and the other is losing its balance. The fiction that constitutional rule is the supreme law of the land is a myth, with every court ruling. Central despotism ignores inherent States’ Rights. Police state use of force would prevent righteous secession efforts. The will or means for an all out civil war is lacking. So what is left to combat the “Beast of the Potomac”?

Civil disobedience is moral and necessary. Reforming a corrupt criminal syndicate is absurd. Implosion of the system is the last best political chance. The ensuing dictatorship that follows will fail when people no longer fear the wrath of malicious tyrants and refuse to obey their obscene commands. Separation, autonomy and independence require removal of the cancer. Complicity or co-existence with pathological parasites is terminal.
Humanity, repentance and pleas for forgiveness starts with admission that the current system is evil. Divine intervention blessed the founding of this nation. Lack of faith in the supremacy of God’s natural law forgoes Christian teachings and the only hope for humanity. Secular humanism is the device of the devil. Real Americans – never place their trust in temporal governments.


SARTRE writes for Breaking All The Rules, where this article first appeared. Submitted by the author for publication here.

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