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Texas bill would create easier path for vaccine exemptions in public schools

vaccination-2722937 640CGA Note: People are waking up to the dangers of injecting massive amounts of Big Pharma concoctions into their bloodstreams, and that of their children. As this great awakening happens, "anti-vaxxers" are being blamed for the return of diseases that have been declared "eradicated" by official agencies. The latest outbreak to spark alarm is measles, a childhood illness that most recover from just nicely. However, no where in the coverage is it ever discussed that there are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that are flooding into the country, bringing in all manner of diseases. Why? Perhaps, if they ever pointed this out, it might actually serve to boost the argument that we really do need border security.


Fox News
March 2, 2019

Getting vaccine exemptions may now be easier for residents in Texas, after a new bill was filed in the Texas House of Representatives.

Representative Matt Krause filed House Bill 1490 on Feb. 7, which would change how people file vaccine exemptions. The goal would be to make it easier to claim an exemption from required immunizations for public school students.

The bill would stop the Texas Department of State Health Services from maintaining a record of those vaccine exemptions, reported fox4news. When passed, it will be more difficult to find the number of affidavit forms submitted, if a potential outbreak was caused by an unvaccinated child. ...

In 2004, 2,300 students had non-medical exemptions for vaccines. In 2018 that number rose to 57,000, per Texas Health and Human Services. This comes in the wake of the anti-vaxxer movement that has greatly increased over the past few years. In 2003, Texas Legislature passed a law allowing parents to not vaccinate their children after an article linked vaccines to autism.



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