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DHS and AT&T Collude With 39 Million Dollar Contract For “Emergency Communications”

Cassius Kamarampi
Era of Wisdom
 April 5, 2016


While it made very few headlines, it was recently reported that the Department of Homeland Security and telecommunications corporation AT&T are quietly working toward a 39 million dollar contract, of which AT&T has already received 11.7 million.

Intentionally obfuscated behind the bland, benign phrasing of “emergency communications services,” the real end result of this type of contract will surely not be good for the common people.

As reported by Executive Biz:

AT&T has received $11.7 million from the Defense Information Systems Agency to exercise a contract option to provide emergency communications services to the Department of Homeland Security.

The new work supports the DHS Office of Emergency Communications’ Priority Telecommunication Service program that intended to meet communications requirements for crisis, attack, recovery and reconstitution missions, the Defense Department said Friday.

The award brings the total contract value to $39.5 million, DoD added.

The contract option runs from April 1 to March 31, 2017 — the second of nine option years in the base contract that commenced Aug. 1, 2014.”

Simultaneously, the US Government has no problem supplying arms to nations like Saudi Arabia, who are killing vast numbers of civilians in an ongoing aggressive action against Yemen.

They have no problem supplying arms to a nation that bombed a market and killed exclusively civilians a few weeks ago, yet we’re supposed to turn a blind eye to the rising corporate collusion between the military industrial complex and corporations like AT&T. Collusion is an appropriate word because the mainstream media has no interest in reporting this critically important news: it might as well be deep in the shadows of secrecy.

With these facts in mind, corporations in cooperation with a criminal government must be seen as criminal as well.

The truth is, this is part of a largely overlooked, larger trend in the US and in the world: the military industrial complex colluding with corporations like AT&T, Facebook, and Microsoft.

A technocratic structure is emerging from behind the scenes. The question is, will we see the consequences coming?


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