Meet Steve Pieczenik: The CFR Spook Who Wants to ‘Save the Republic’

Darren Weeks
Coalition to Govern America
November 2, 2016

There is a video that has been circulating patriot web sites and e-mail lists, featuring Steve Pieczenik, a former high-ranking government insider and intelligence operative. In the video, Mr. Pieczenik talks about how Bill and Hillary Clinton have been involved in a “silent coup” against the Department of Justice, the intelligence community, and other facets of government. He then states that in order to stop the Clinton coup, he and his colleagues in the intelligence agency have informally initiated a “counter-coup” and are working with Julian Assange and Wikileaks to “save the Republic”.



This writer has long believed that the information being revealed by Wikileaks has been the result of intercepts by the intelligence community, and in particular the National Security Agency. I never bought the “Russian hacker” story, pushed by Democratic operatives and even some in the intelligence community. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, the man who was proven to have lied to Congress about NSA surveillance on the American people, said the DNC hack was “consistent with methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts”. For all of this agencies’ resources, this is the best he could do for evidence? You'll have to pardon this writer for finding the “evidence” a bit on the weak side.

Now we have Mr. Steve Pieczenik confessing to a “counter coup” against the Clintons in order to “save the republic”.

Pieczenik is a psychiatrist who worked for the U.S. intelligence aparatus. The mere idea of that conjures up all kinds of images of MKUltra-type programming. A Jerusalem Post article from 1995 says he was “deputy assistant secretary of state under Henry Kissinger (member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, and the globalist Trilateral Commission), Cyrus Vance (CFR board of directors member) and James Baker (CFR member). Pieczenik's expertise is foreign policy and international crisis management”. Is his video an effort to manage the current crisis?

A Washington Post article from June 10, 1992 says “Pieczenik served as deputy secretary during the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations”, while Matt Kelly of the Associated Press described Pieczenik as a psychological warfare expert who has worked for the State Department and lectured at the National Defense University.”

Let's review: We have a former high-ranking State Department official, intelligence operative, and a psychiatric professional who just happens to be an expert on psychological warfare and was also listed, himself, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he wants us to believe that he wants to “save the Republic”? Forgive my skepticism, but this all sounds like a psychological warfare operation in and of itself.

Though there is no doubt that the Clintons are enemies to the well-being of our country, are we to then believe that the enemy of our enemies must therefore be our friend?

As welcomed as the Wikileaks information is to those of us who do not want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, what conclusions can be drawn from a rebellion by high-ranking intelligence officials and State Department insiders, if that is, in fact, what we are seeing? Is this, indeed, nothing more than a psychological operation being performed upon the unsuspecting American public? Or are we witnessing warring factions fighting for control of the dying American empire? Could a member of an organization such as the CFR, which has been working for the destruction of the nation-state via globalization, now wish to work toward the restoration of that nation-state? How can a man who spent his career working closely with globalists, and himself was a member of a prominent globalist organization, aid a presidential candidate who purports to be in favor of strong borders? Does the fact that Donald Trump is being supported by CFR members, members of the intelligence community, and State Department officials suggest that he is a trojan horse candidate? I'll leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions.

As much as this writer would love to believe that Mr. Pieczenik is sincere, it is extremely hard to reconcile his expressed desire to use an electronic “coup” to “save the Republic” from the Clintons, given the career path he has chosen that has placed him within the inner circle of the CFR and the State Department — the very entities who have been conducting a real coup d'etat against the American people for the better part of the last century.

Put another way, had it not been for the tireless and often secretive work of Mr. Pieczenik's close associations to undermine and deconstruct it, the Republic wouldn't need saving today.


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