Naked Woman Who Shut Down Major Texas Highway for Two Hours Said CIA Was Out to Get Her

Piper McGowin
The Daily Sheeple
March 8, 2016


A naked 25-year-old woman dancing on top of a big rig completely shut down the westbound lanes of a major highway in Houston, Texas yesterday morning.

She had reportedly been involved in two separate car wrecks before making her way out into traffic on the highway, taking off all of her clothes, and climbing on top of the truck.

Helicopter footage (below) shows her dancing naked on the truck.

“She wasn’t making any sense. A lot of times she was real quiet, but then she had outbursts about the FBI and the CIA is after her,” firefighter Brian Shirley told local news channel KHOU. Other responders said the woman was talking about the CIA, Wall Street, and aliens.

It’s the kind of thing that sounds “crazy” in the context of a local news story, but as the story got shared on social media, others were speculating if the woman was a “targeted individual”.

After about two hours, the whole scene ended peacefully without incident. The woman, yet unnamed, was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation and has since been moved to a psychiatric center.

Piper McGowin writes for The Daily Sheeple, where this article first appeared. (Used with permission.)