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Globalist NGO Economist Complains About TPP Secrecy (Video)

James Love is the Director of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI). He is the U.S. co-chair of the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) Intellectual Property Policy Committee, and the chair of the Essential Inventions board of directors. He advises UN agencies, national governments, international and regional intergovernmental organizations and public health NGOs, and is the author of a number of articles and monographs on innovation and intellectual property rights.

Knowledge Ecology International was created in 2006 as a separate entity to carry out work earlier done through the Center for Study of Responsive Law and Essential Information. Mr. Love was employed by the Center for Study of Responsive Law from 1990 to 2006. Mr. Love was previously Senior Economist for the Frank Russell Company, a lecturer at Rutgers University, and a researcher on international finance at Princeton University. He holds a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.


In this video, Mr. Love is interviewed by Public Citizen's Jessa Boehner, outside of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) closing press conference in Singapore, which was closed to NGOs (and, of course, the general public). He talks about the "frustrating" secrecy surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. He also discusses how much of the text is bad for consumers, and the wording is vague and unclear. He also laments the lack of political outcry against the lack of transparency.



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