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The Chilean Earthquake and it's Luciferian connections

I was watching very closely in October of 2010 while the events surrounding the Trapped miners were unfolding.
"NEWS" stations such as ABC and CNN began making what I thought to be strange and unusal comments,especially given their position on the things of God.
For instance,as the miners began to come to the surface CNN said five times--"it's like we are experiencing a rebirth". Add this to the fact that the rescue vehicle was aptly named " THE PHOENIX" the (mythical) bird said to rise from the ashes.

Diane Sawyer said at the close of her program that we were "ONE WORLD,AT ONE MOMENT WATCHING SOMETHING WONDERFUL TOGETHER" But wait there's more,now for what I believe are the Luciferian connections.For anyone who has heard me on RBN you know I think that the moon and stars,as well as numbers have a great deal to do with the timing of events to the people in control,those that have given their lives to the dark side. They do what they do trying to stay in the dark while attempting to keep you in the dark. They run when light is shown around them,when their deeds are made known.

So here we go.

Earthquake occured on Aug 5th 2010 under a crescent moon at 20% "illumination"

Miners rescued on Oct 10th 2010 under a crescent moon at 43% "illuminaton"

20+43=63  6+3=9 or 3x3 or33

The deep down basic essence of the numerology number 63 God's wrath.

The number 63can be reduced to the number 33

6+3=9 or 3x3  33(master number)


"The numbers 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 33, 39 Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati.

The name of the capsule was not chosen at random,

It was only 18"in diameter while most mens shoulders are more than 18" wide. So imagine how the miners looked while being transported to the surface,kind of like a mummy with arms held closely to their bodies laying on the torso,or as a dead man in a casket.

Remember names are not chosen hap hazardly.

18= 1+8 = 9  9=3+3+3  or 3x3 or 33

They were trapped 69 days

69= 6+9 or 15 or 1+5 or 6 or 3+3 or 33

They were rescued on 10-13-10 and 10+13+10=33

again CNN called it a rebirth.

and the miner that they had all been waiting for according to Wolfe Blitzer,was pulled up from the mine and on his hearing protection was the number 33 ! WATCH for the 22nd and 25th 

miners ear protection

I don't know about you but this is just too coincidental to be a coincidence.

Now read EZEKIEL 29 

Substitute America for Egypt,I believe that American is modern day Egypt and Barak Obama is americas "Pharoah"

Look for any parrallels,bear in mind that the 10th of Oct 2010 was also the 12th day of the tenth month in the tenth year according to the Hebrew callendar, and one of the miners after being rescued said "I saw a war going on between God and the Devil and GOD WON!

by the way to the occultists the number 33 is said to be the "MASTER" number and is associated with  knowledge and understanding...

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